20 Secrets of People With ‘High-Functioning’ Depression

High-functioning depression, also known as dysthymia, is not a common issue mostly because it is difficult to identify, due to the disposition of the people who are dealing with it.

These people appear completely fine, and are hardworking and high-functioning, even though they are falling apart on the inside. Very often, they are not even aware they are facing a problem and just think they are going through a phase that will be over soon. 

This condition is a mild form of depression, but their symptoms are the same, weight loss, fatigue, insomnia, self-pity, low self-esteem, short attention span, and headaches.

However, it is draining and exhausting, and since it is masked from the inside, it can eventually lead to a major breakdown.

Here are 20 things people suffering from high functioning depression deal with:

1. They face difficulties to clear their mind and fall asleep, so they suffer from insomnia

2. They are trying extremely hard to look perfectly fine despite their inner struggle

3. They are constantly on the verge of spiraling into deeper issues, and they feel the need to let go and fall into the dark depth inside

4. They suffer from mood swings, not that they are sad and depressed every single second during the day

5. Their “good” days come out of the sudden, and they haven’t got an idea what triggers their improved mood

6. They have to gather all the strength they can to get up and face every single day

7. They know that they cannot control things by just “taking a deep breath”

8. They complete numerous tasks throughout the day, so they often lack energy in the evening, and are physically and emotionally drained

9. They often look moody in front of others, as they can keep it together at one moment, and then get snappy with everyone

10. They channel their energy to help others, but it looks like a complicated maze to help themselves

11. Very often, they feel the pressure of their everyday routines and sometimes, they do not have the will to even pick up the phone

12. They are constantly worrying about things

13. They are very strong, but it is not simple to be in a constant battle with yourself

14. Despite all their problems, they are very brave and it helps them strive

15. They find it easier to look perfectly fine than to ask for help

16. This condition can be serious and needs to be treated, even if it does not display any obvious symptoms

17. These people put huge efforts into everything they do

18. They often fail to diagnose the symptoms they experience and cannot even explain what they feel, which is why they do not seek help

19. They have their own ways to relieve stress, as they know what works for them

20. These people are desperate to treat their problem, but it is often not simple

Even though there is no single reason why some people develop high functioning depression, and there is not a perfect way to prevent it, scientists have found several effective treatment modalities to help one manage and deal with it. Psychotherapy and medication are among the most effective ones.

In the treatment of depression, psychotherapy is as effective as medication, and even more effective than medication in preventing relapse. Some patients benefit the most from a combined approach, that blends the benefits of both, psychotherapy and medication.

Therefore, as soon as a person starts suspecting that this condition is the underlying cause of the symptoms s/he experiences, it is advised to seek a therapist and explore the best treatment options available.

When someone suffers from high-functioning depression, it can often feel like he is attempting to build a castle on a foundation of quicksand. Therefore, these people need to get help and build a solid, stable foundation, which will, therefore, improve all aspects of life. 

If you or someone you know suffers from this type of depression, note that ignoring its symptoms can never lead to something better. It takes courage to decide to face it and deal with it, but it is the only way to get the life back again.