20 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is the world’s second most recognized word and according to historical records, Coke is the most popular brand. Coke has the same acidity level as batteries’ acid. Moreover, it has proven to be an excellent cleaning agent. Coke can clean any surface in your house equal or even better than any cleaning product. Why do you need to know this? It is because Coke is more like a poison for the human body.

When compared to people who do not drink Coke or carbonated drinks at all, or consume these drinks moderately, people who consume Coke regularly have a 48% higher risk to suffer from heart attack or stroke.


A study published in the journal Respirology showed that the consumption of Coke and other carbonated drinks causes breathing disorders, asthma, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Coke -- Practical uses

As we already explained, Coke and other carbonated drinks contain too much acid. As confirmed by studies, many drinks have a pH value of 2.5. To understand things better, you should know that the pH value of water is 7, and battery acid has a pH value of 1.

Hopefully, this will stip you from consuming soda and keep this drink away from your teeth, because health experts have confirmed that Coke and other sodas damage tooth enamel and make them susceptible to decay.

Instead of drinking it, you may want to use Coke as a household cleaner. We give you 20 ideas on how to use Coke and clean your home:

1. Coke removes grease stains from clothing

2. It removes blood stains from fabric

3. Coke is effective against rust. Soak a sponge in some Coke and apply it in the rusty area

4. It is the best cleaner for burnt pans. Pour some Coke in your pan and leave it for a while. Rinse well.

5. Coke cleans oil stains from the floor

6. Acids in Coke kill slugs and snails

7. Coke descales kettles. Apply the same technique as with the burnt pan

8. Pour Coke over the car battery terminals. The results will be more than visible

9. Use Coke to clean old metal coins. Soak the coins in, and watch the tarnish disappear leaving the coins super-shiny

10. Long ago, Coke distributors used Coke to clean the engines

11. Pour Coke on your kitchen floor and leave it on for a while. Wipe up to get the tile grout cleaned

12. Coke is strong enough to dissolve a tooth

13. Diet Coke can remove the dye from your hair

14. Coke can remove gum from your hair. Soak your hair in some Coke and wait for a while. The gum will eventually be removed

15. It cleans stains from vitreous china

16. 2 liter bottles of Coke are just enough to clean a dirty pool

17. Coke can strip paint off metal furniture. Soak a towel in some Coke and lay it on the surface

18. Pour some Coke over your carpet. Scrub and clean with soapy water. This will help you remove any marker stains

19. Use Coke to clean your toilet. Pour it around the bowl, and leave it on for a few minutes. Rinse

20. When combined with aluminum foil, Coke makes Chrome shiny

If you have some Coke bottles at home, you absolutely do not need to buy any cleaning product. Now that you know this, can you imagine what can Coke do to your stomach.

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