20+ People Who Realized They’ve Been Dating An Idiot

People who manage to find the funny side in their relationship turn out to be much happier and fulfilled than others.

Let’s face it, all couples fight over household chores, money, kids, visits from friends and in-laws, but sometimes, the best way to cope with it all is to laugh over it.

Even the most brilliant minds mistakenly do something idiotic at times, and the following pictures reveal the reactions of their partners in such situations, ranging from expensive pranks via text messages to hilarious quirks:

#1 Yesterday, My Girlfriend Moved Into Her Dorm, and Faced Difficulties to Set Up The Apple TV I Bought Her…

#2 And Your Opinion on This Review?

#3 A Friend Sent Me Pic Of His New Truck, and My Girlfriend Asked Why It Had A Little Waffle House In The Back

#4 I Proposed To My Girlfriend This Weekend And Proceeded To Drop The Ring-Down A Gopher Hole

#5 My Girlfriend sent me This After I Asked My Girlfriend How Badly Her Screen Was Cracked After She Dropped Her Phone

#6 Have You Heard Of “Painting Yourself Into A Corner”- Well, My Wife Took It A Step Further

#7 Silly Boyfriend

#8 Wood

#9 I Don’t Think My Wife Understands What Freezer Bags Are For

#10 The Wife Said There Was So Much Sodium, They Just Put OMG

#11 Seems Legit

#12 Here Is What I Found On My Girlfriend’s Butt

#13 My Wife Thought She Bought Me Socks With Palm Trees On Them- I Am Sure She Had No Idea

#14 My Wife Bought Our Daughters Matching Shirts

#15 My GF Asked Why I Bought Plates For Christmas That Said “Oh Oh Oh” On Them… I Had To Explain She Was Holding Them Upside Down

#16 My Wife Tried Cooking Thanksgiving Dinner For Us And Burned The CookBook

#17 My Psycho Girlfriend Uses A Timer To Wake Her Up Instead Of An Alarm

#18 Panicking, My Wife Calls Me In And Says “The Helicopter Light Came On In My Truck”

#19 My Girlfriend Wondered Why Do I Have A Jesus Figure

#20 I Asked My Wife To Get A Chucky Mask So I Could Scare The Kids. She’s Too Innocent

#21 I Told My Wife To Buy Some Bleach While She Was Out Doing Errands. Her Exact Words After I Looked At This Like Wtf Was “It Was A Little Pricey But At Least It Smells Good And Not Like All The Other Bleach”

#22 I Simply Told My Wife To Set A Reminder On Her Phone, But I Don’t Think She Understood

#23 My Wife Complained There Was No Code On The Scratch Card She Was Given…

#24 I Swallowed Tweezers

#25 Asked My Boyfriend To Put Away Our Dog After Letting Him Out To Pee

#26 My Wife Texted To Tell Me Her Car Smelled Like It Was Burning. I Later Found Out She Drove 18 Miles With My Push-Broom Under Her Car

#27 My Girlfriend Bought Me A Dash Cam As A Birthday Gift And Not Knowing It Can Overwrite Old Footage, Bought Me Ten 64 GB SD Cards

#28 My Wife Using An Outlet

#29 When A Man Takes The Instructions Literally

#30 While Sorting Paperwork, Wife Asked If I Still Needed My Guitar Sheet Music

#31 My Girlfriend Asks About That “Aids In Space” Song I Was Singing In The Shower. Almost Lost It When She Sung It Back To Me

#32 My Girlfriend Tried To Keep The Pasta Warm For Me…

#33 My Friend’s Wife Doesn’t Understand Perspective

#34 My Girlfriend Thought Putting The Dog Bed In The Dryer Wasn’t A Bad Idea

#35 This Is The Way My GF Heats Up A Tortilla

#36 My Wife Got Us A Cast Iron Skillet From Amazon

#37 My Boyfriend Yelled That His “Eye Drops” Were Burning His Eyes

#38 Spent The Afternoon Installing These. This Is My Wife

#39 We Were Watching The Football Game Last Night, And My Wife Asked, “Why Do They Tell You What Political Party The Players Support?”

#40 My Girlfriend Said, “The Underwater Key Symbol Is Blinking”. It Took Me A Minute To Decipher

#41 My Coworker Sends Pictures To Her Husband All Day Long, And This Is Her Technique

#42 I Asked My Wife To Get The Grill Going As I Was Running Late. I Came Home To This

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