20 People Who Have a Special Relationship With Cooking

Cooking is one of the best ways to kill time during the pandemic. These days, many people have tried their skills in the kitchen. It has numerous emotional benefits, and many people get into the kitchen as part of their treatment, a practice called “therapeutic cooking.”

Counselor Nicole Lambert of Movement Counseling Services explained:

 “Cooking helps mental health in that it can be a creative outlet. It’s a way to channel energy, can be used as a distraction, help build mastery in a skill and a way to express emotions through a different medium.”

Cooking helps you connect with the other family members, leads to balanced eating, relaxes, and boosts your self-love and organizational skills.

Everyone can make magic happen in the kitchen, as cooking is not complicated.  Yet, we all make mistakes when cooking, and some people are simply leading the game!

Here are 20 times people failed in the kitchen:

1. This is how my husband cuts up an avocado..

2. This is my first banana bread. Follow me for more recipes!

3. I cooked for my wife. I started with chicken stock, and after simmering for hours, the recipe said to pour it through a strainer.

4. All I wanted was a baked potato!

5. It wasn’t glass!

6. Excellent cutting skills

7. The cutting board melted!

8. Jabbacado toast!

9. Wow!

10. Looks delicious!

11. This is rice.

12. Nothing is as it seems!  

13. Wrong from the start!

14. “It’s a tad overcooked.”

15. Storing raw meat right on top of the cooked meat.

16. No more cutting.

17. “My cousin cooked brownies in a bowl at 1 am.

18. “Before she opened it, my wife put sour cream, salt, and pepper on the tilapia.”

19. My boyfriend spent an hour preparing for our dinner, and all he bought was bread and carrots.

20. “The wife tried a Babybel for the first time. “

Do you have a funny story from the kitchen?