20 Magical Things To Make With Your Jar Of Coconut Oil

by Admin – Natural Living Ideas

Coconut oil can work like magic! Isn’t it amazing? Not only is it a marvelous ingredient, but it also has numerous uses. Here’s 20 of them:


1. Chemical-free shaving cream – You can use it as shaving cream. Yes, you really can. Just add your favorite type of essential oil and you’ll be thrilled by the results.

2. Overnight skin care with coconut oil – Nourish your skin with coconut oil night cream. It will leave your skin feeling increasingly revitalized, soft and clean.

3. Hand cream – Use this cream frequently to avoid old-looking and dry hands. It is perfect for use on cold chilly days when the skin on your hands is drier than usual.

4. Whipped Cellulite cream – The most common problem almost every woman dreads is cellulite. Using coconut oil to treat the problematic places will get rid of those stubborn dimples on your skin.

5. Liquid hand soap – Your hands will be soft and clean and visibly more moisturized since the coconut oil has a moisturizing effect.

6. Eye Cream – It is far cheaper than creams bought from stores and it works wonders for tired-looking and stressed eyes. Having antioxidant properties and healing qualities, coconut oil can certainly help your eyes look fresh and young.

7. Conditioner and hot oil-treatment – Want silky, smooth looking hair? This DIY conditioner will help you get the hair you want. If you have dry and brittle hair this coconut oil treatment will make your hair look simply wonderful.

8. Pure Coconut oil lathering soap – Your whole family can use it and it may become your favorite bar of soap because it gives you a feeling of cleanliness along with a great lathering effect.

9. White Chocolate Coconut Bath Melts – The smell of chocolate reminds you of something extravagant and it has the same kind of effect on your skin.

10. Coconut Oil & Coffee Hand & Body Scrub – It is very easy to make since you only need two ingredients. The coffee gently exfoliates your skin while the coconut oil keeps your skin hydrated.

11. Coconut Oil Lotion- The Cure for Dry Winter Skin – Your skin is drier than usual in the winter months. To prevent your skin from looking dry and flakey use this ultra-moisturizing lotion that can easily transform even the most delicate skin.

12. Simple- Coconut oil lip gloss – You only need a few ingredients to make your own lip gloss. Depending on your taste you can personalize this recipe by adding your favorite flavor.

13. Homemade Coconut Oil Toothpaste-- Instead of buying toothpaste, you can make your own by using coconut oil. Being a natural teeth whitener and having antibacterial qualities, the coconut oil is known for improving your oral health.

14. Coconut Oil Cuticle Cream – If you have problems with your cuticles, why not try this simple, yet effective recipe? It will help you soften and control them easily.

15. Homemade Zit Zapper – Why not save some money and make a zit zapper which is very simple to make? It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties and it will reduce the redness on your face as well as calm the angry spots. You only need two ingredients.

16. Homemade Whipped Body Butter – This silky smooth body butter will nourish your skin and you will definitely be happy with the results.

17. Coconut Oil Lip Balm – You can find countless types of lip balms in stores, but I’m not sure any of them can compare to this homemade one. It offers a totally natural approach to keeping your lips soft and silky.

18. DIY Coconut salt foot scrub – This totally natural foot scrub will leave your dry and cracked heels feeling hydrated and looking good.

19. DIY Homemade Eczema Cream – Eczema can be very unpleasant and, at times, hard to control. This remedy is perfect for calming the pain and soothing the skin.

20. Homemade Mascara – Have you ever imagined making homemade mascara with the help of coconut oil and just a few other ingredients? It truly rivals any type of store bought version because you actually know what’s in it.

Source/Reference: www.undergroundhealth.com
Original article source: Natural Living Ideas