20 Best Winter Bird Photos Ever

Winter is the time when Nature looks like a fairytale. It might not be as colorful as in fall, but it is undoubtedly majestic.

We all love the snow-covered branches of trees, heavy and sparkling, the icy ponds, and the white clouds on the blue sky. The whole white atmosphere outside, the frosts, the snow, the crystal nights and the fresh, clean air, are reminiscent of warmth, love, and holidays.

We are not the only ones that enjoy nature in winter, and some birds seem to adore it.

Their colorful feathers emphasize the whiteness around them, and photos of winter birds are simply captivating:

These little birds sit together on a branch.

A white-breasted nuthatch stands on a branch next to pine cones, covered in a bit of snow. 

In front of the snowy-white background, this common ringed plover looks amazing. 

A great tit, called Parus major, that lives in gardens, forests, hedges, and parks, photographed among red berries. 

A beautiful mustard yellow bird among berry-covered branches.

An elegant red northern cardinal in a snowstorm.

Three yellow and black tits together on a branch.

Six beautiful birds on a branch. 

An idyllic photo -a female European stonechat on a frosted perch. 

Four northern cardinals, two brighter-feathered males and two females, on a beautiful photo together.  

Attractive blue and orange kingfisher out in the snow. 

There is a snowstorm, and these red-crowned cranes are spreading their wings. 

The popular black raven.

Like a Christmas postcard- a bright blue and green bird on a snow-covered evergreen tree.

A colorful male bullfinch on a berry.

A male cardinal sits among silver-grey branches.

A mountain bluebird, with feathers colored in a shade of blue known as cerulean. 

A bluejay, which is a noisy bird, standing on a snowy bush.  

A barred, or hoot owl, caught on a birch tree surrounded by berries. 

This young male snowy owl is perfectly blended in with its surroundings.

Apparently, winter is not the off-season for birds, and you will get numerous chances to enjoy their beauty if you do not find it challenging to go out in the cold weather.

You will also easily spot birds among the leafless trees, in the parks and the nearest forest. Moreover, certain birds in the U.S. can only be found in winter.

Due to the scarcity of food, your home might also be visited by numerous different birds during the winter months, depending on the area, climate, geography, and landscape.

The greatest difficulty wild birds face during the cold months is to find enough food, and ensure they have adequate fat supplies to store on the body and ‘burn’ for energy.

Therefore, make sure you clean off any feeders, platforms, and perches after storms, and leave some food for your guests, such as berries, fruits, and seeds.

And then, just take delight in the view!