2 Women Hospitalized For Using Vacuum Hose To End Periods Early

Periods are nasty and frustrating. The bleeding comes pack with cramps, pain, mood swings and loss of appetite. Some women are forced to take a day off because their periods are super heavy.

Two women from Seattle thought it would be great if they “finish the job” earlier. Have you ever heard of “menstrual extraction?”

The whole thing started with an article suggesting that you can actually end your period in 20 minutes. The method involves sucking your dirty blood out of the body.

According to this article, women own their own bodies, meaning they can do whatever they want. But, ending a menstrual cycle with a vacuum cleaner? That’s crazy.

The vacuum cleaner will pull out much more than just your dirty blood. It will go in shock, and the vacuum cleaner will pull your uterus and vaginal walls, causing serious damage. Are you still interested in trying this method? You may lose too much blood and you will definitely not be able to make love for a long time.

The women who had tried this ended up in ER, but survived the shock.

Your period lasts a few days for a reason. Your body isn’t designed to lose that much blood so using the vacuum cleaner to end your period in 20 minutes is a bad decision.