2 Healing Herbs That Every Woman Needs

A woman’s body has very specific symptoms that can be successfully treated with the help of these two herbs.



Sage has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb can successfully fight bacteria and fungal infections. Aside from lavender, sage is the only herb that has the ability to reduce sweat secretions. This is why sage is so powerful against night sweats, fever and other menopausal symptoms.

Most women like sage because it soothes menstrual pain, stomach cramps, and urinary  tract infections. This amazing herb can also help eliminate mucus in the airways and stomach. People who have digestion problems should use this plant because it can help to prevent bloating.

This plant can also help fight against fatigue and aid in the recovery process after healing from serious diseases.


Lavender is well known for its relaxing properties. This plant with its amazing smell can also help fight insomnia and chronic migraine headaches. Scientists claim that lavender use, through aromatherapy, can help to soothe the nervous system.