15 Ways to Flatten Your Belly

By Samriti
Belly fat is the worst nightmare of those dreaming of a nice body line. And yes, it is one of the toughest areas to tone up. However, there are certain tips you can use to melt abdominal fat.

We give you 15 super-effective tips that will make firming up your tummy a lot easier:

1. Girls’ time on the track

Plan a walk-and-talk session with your friends so you can both talk abotu things that have happened lately and get fit. Having a walking buddy will help you stick to the routine.

2. Cardio

If you really want to burn that belly fat, aerobics is still one of the best solution out there. Cardio exercises help you burn 67% more calories than strenght-based workout and it will also ease problem areas like your tummy.

3. Eat a lot of fiber

Eating 10 grams of fiber daily means that your belly carries 4% less fat. Some of the most amazing sources of fiber are found in fresh fruits and veggies, beans, and cereals like bran flakes.

4. Order first

Be pushy and be the first to order in restaurants. In this way you will wait for shorter before you get your food and you will not be starving or overeat.

5. Wipe the windshield

Lie face up and extend your arms, keeping your palms down. Bend your knees at a 90 degree angle to keep your feet off the floor. Tighten your abs, lower your right leg to the floor and keep your shoulders firmly planted. Then, raise your leg up again. Repeat the same with your left leg, and repeat the exercise for 20 times.

6. Vacuum

This is an excellent workout for your tummy. It is even more efficient if you tighten your abs while you are doing it. In this way you get both your house cleaned and your waist shrinked!

7. Beware of salt intake

Eating too much salt will cause your body to retain fluid and increase water weight. So, be careful about all the salt that ends up in your dish.

8. Avocados

Avocadoes are packed with monounsaturated fats which prevent increases in blood sugar level that lead to excess belly fat. There are many delicious ways to include them in your diet.

9. Avoid soda

Extra calories from sodas increase abdominal fat. Drink more water and unsweetened ice tea instead.

10. Avoid alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol increases cortisol levels, which sends fat straight to the belly area. Go for virgin drinks and save tons of calories.

11. Kayaking

It is super fun and a great workout for abdominal muscles and upper body.

12. Sunflower seeds

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of monounsaturated fatty acids. Sprinkle some seeds over your salad or on pretty much everything you want.

13. Tummy tuck

Tuck your tummy while walking or doing your housework to tone your muscles throughout the day.

14. Fish

Salmon and other fish provide omega-3 fats, which aid in the fight against fat. Eat several servings of fish a week.

15. Hydration

Hydration is essential for every system in your body and drinking plenty of water helps in boosting metabolism. Remember, if you workout you should drink more water.

These simple tips will really help you get a firmer and tighter belly!

Source: NaturalNews.com

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