15 Traits Introverts Have That Most People Don’t Understand

Introverts have some odd behaviors as many people like to say, but being an introvert may be a good thing after all. There are some things you’d never guess about introverts, and we give you some of them.

15 facts about introverts you don’t know

They make themselves laugh

Introverts like their own company, and enjoy daydreaming, creating, reading, watching a movie or just relaxing. You may find it hard to believe, but introverts make themselves laugh. Do you know that many comedians are introverts.

Introverts need to be alone

Being alone is good, and introverts need that to recharge their batteries. You may think that introverts are shy and boring, but that’s not true. Introverts are actually trying to avoid meaningless interactions, and don’t like having a lot of friends.

They like and don’t like people

Introverts like getting the real side of people, but don’t like fake personalities, gossiping and empty conversations. They often wonder whether they should get to know somebody or not.

They wish to be loved deeply

Introverts love deeply, and they wish that their partners love them more. They think about their loved one a lot, and really like to know them better.

Loyalty is important

An introvert needs more time to know you, and invests their time, love and kindness in others. You should never ever betray an introvert, because they really like you. If you turn against your introvert friend, they will feel really bad which is why they choose their partners wisely.

They don’ like unexpected and unannounced visitors

Introverts don’t like unexpected visitors, because their time is organized to perfection. Distractions aren’t even an option, and introverts always plan their day ahead.

Introverts aren’t bored even when they look like that

Introverts feel good even when they sit and do nothing. They aren’t bored, because they think all the time. That’s their escape from boredom. If you see an introvert sitting alone, try to remember that they aren’t bored.

Introverts love playing with their kids, but also like some downtime

Introverts need some alone time, especially if their kids are introverts. They are great parents, and have the answer to a lot of questions, plus, they are really patient. Give an introvert parent some time alone, and they will appreciate that.

Introverts need to get out

Introverts need to get out at times and hang out with other people. They aren’t interested into small talk and superficial friends. After they go out, they need their time alone again.

Attention-seeking behavior annoys introverts

Introverts would never try to be in the center of attention, and they don’t like people who do that. Introverts have a lot to tell others, but don’t like having everyone watching them. They are great speakers, but you’d never see them talk to people after their speech.

They don’t answer unknown calls

Introverts will never answer the phone if they don’t know who is calling them. They may not be in the mood or maybe that call isn’t scheduled. Small talks are also not an option. Spending the day talking on the phone? Not an option

They don’t judge

Introverts like to observe their environment, but they don’t judge you. However, they may judge you if your behavior is annoying.

Introverts are easily distracted

Introverts like working in quiet rooms, because they are distracted by anything from water dripping to any other sound. However, they aren’t bothered by soothing sounds. Introverts also don’t like people standing behind their back.

They aren’t in a bad mood

Introverts always think about something, and their brains work all the time. If you see them standing somewhere and being quiet, don’t worry, they are not sad.

Introverts may be the life of a party

Introverts can entertain others, but don’t always like to do that, because it requires a lot of effort. They aren’t party animals, but if they need to throw a party, they will do that.