15 Shameless People Who Beg For Netflix Login Info That Are Pretty Infuriating

Some people have somehow got used to getting things in life without being at least grateful for them, and probably consider themselves entitled to certain privileges.

Netflix is a streaming service that allows its members to ad-free watch various award-winning TV shows, movies, documentaries, and more on thousands of internet-connected devices.

It offers three streaming plans, so a single account costs no more than $15.99 a month for four screens with ultra HD quality, $12.99 for two screens, and $8.99 for a single screen.

Yet, some entitled ones simply reject to pay or believe this is still too expensive, but they still think they should enjoy Netflix, and become real choosing beggars.

They usually solve this by pirating their favorite shows online, or, they beg for someone else’s account information. Both ways are unacceptable, but be sure that if you consider the latter, you will lose a few friends for sure.

One survey found that 26 percent of millennials use the password from someone else’s account to watch shows on an online streaming service.

Yet, many can go to huge lengths while desperately trying to hop on someone else’s membership, give up every bit of dignity along the way, and when things don’t go their way, they are even prepared to threaten.

Here are 15 times people got annoyed and infuriated by such shameless beggars:

1. Why do you think that?

2. All the things people can do to avoid paying $8.99.

3. Put Netflix aside, now wants Hulu.

4. A year later, doesn’t feel awkward or anything from using ex’s Netflix.

5. Rejecting a free account and asking for Netflix instead.

6. A plug for a free Netflix info.

7. Dared to snap someone to pay their Netflix.

8. DM’d a stranger to ask for Netflix account.

9. This man was angry when he has been stealing someone’s Netflix account.

10. A friend’s ex’s was infuriated when not being able to borrow Netflix account anymore.

11. Dared ask on Facebook for a free Netflix account.

12. “It’s not like you pay per watch.”

13. Yeah, no one will mind sharing something they paid for, since you’re doing so much to avoid piracy.

14. Promotions for free Netflix.

15. 110 a year for no reason!