15 Interesting Facts About Joaquin Phoenix You May Not Know

‘Joker’ continues raking up profit, and it has recently turned into a box office smash. It may be grossing almost a billion-dollar worldwide in a few days, and due to it, a growing number of people are becoming more and more interested in the actor who played Joker, Joaquin Phoenix.

There are numerous crazy stories about him, and among the most bizarre things he has done is the time he gave up several years of his acting career to make a “documentary” that featured his dramatic turn from Academy Award-nominated actor to wannabe rapper.

During the two years of filming, he had to publicly stay in character and could not even tell his friends that his performance was just a ruse.

What makes him such a star is probably his determination to do anything and everything to get into the roles he’s cast in either, losing weight, gaining weight and exuding the strangest of behaviors–all in the name of cinematic art.

Hollywood has numerous eccentric actors, but few match the sheer nuttiness of Phoenix.

Most of you surely do not know the following curious facts about him, so scroll down to find out more about this phenomenal actor:

1. He was born with the scar on his lip.

2. Joaquin was born in Puerto Rico on October 28, 1974. He lived in San Juan for 3 years.

3. Since he was 12, he has acted in over 30 films.

4. He is vegan and works with organizations that protect animal rights and fight against animal abuse.

5. For 4 months, he practiced the Joker’s laugh which was related to epilepsy by observing patients.

6. In 2008, he announced his retirement to become a hip hop musician, but this appears to be fake as he was working on a documentary called ‘I’m Still Here’.

7. He changed his name to Leaf when he was 6, as his siblings had names related to nature (River, Liberty, Rain, and Summer). When he was 16, he used his real name again.

8. He worked as a real firefighter for a month, to act as a firefighter in ‘Ladder 49’.

9. He lost 45 pounds for ‘Joker’ and gained them back after the end of the filming.

10. His brother River became a child actor and acted in ‘Stand by Me’ and ‘Running on Empty’.

11. He got a Grammy for an album on his portrayal of Johnny Cash in ‘Walk The Line’.

12. He was nominated for an Oscar three times; the first time for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ in ‘Gladiator’ (2000) and two years later, for ‘Best Leading Actor’ in ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘The Master’.

13. His debut in film was as 10-year-old Max in ‘SpaceCamp’.

14. He executive produced ‘What The Health’, a documentary that encourages veganism through the benefits of the diet.

15. Instead of taking pictures, he prefers spending time chatting with fans.