14 Tips To Melt Belly Fat

The stay-at-home period has surely convinced you to try your skills in the kitchen. Your entire family may be happy with the new recipes, but you are frightened that you have gained weight and the summer is so near!

However, don’t be so harsh on yourself, as there is no room for panic. Keep in mind that we are all in the same situation, and we seek effective ways to adjust to the quarantine.

Therapist Jessica Eiseman, owner and clinical director of Montrose’s Ajana Therapy and Clinical Services, says that it is similar to when struggling with grief:

“Initially, everyone was kind of in shock. As humans, we hate uncertainty. Stress is really amplified. We are in survival mode.”

She adds that we all miss our lost routines, but we should be more careful with ourselves.

It’s never too late to start taking care of your body and the determination and hard work will always show results.

One of the trickiest places to lose weight in the belly area. The fat around the middle is stubborn, and crunches are difficult to do. Also, a quick-fix diet won’t solve this problem.

Additionally, scientists keep warning about the dangers of fat Accumulated in the abdominal area. Findings among more than 350,000 European men and women published in The New England Journal of Medicine, reveal that a large waist almost doubles the risk of premature death, even in the case of normal body weight.

The following video contains 14 tips to help you burn fat deposits in the belly area: