14 Secret Powers of Lemon That Will Amaze You

Whether we like freshly squeezed juice, or we use it only for skin care, lemon has more health and practical features than we can imagine.

If you do not have the habit of using it, after these best kept secrets of its use, we guarantee that you will change your mind and you will always have, at least one lemon, within a hand’s reach.


To make your nails lighter, soak them in lemon juice for ten minutes (faster option is to rub the nails with lemon). For better results, mix equal amounts of lemon juice, alcoholic vinegar and hot water and thoroughly ‘scrub’ nails.

If your scrub or facial mask does not help to get rid of blackheads, every night before going to sleep, apply lemon juice on the blackheads. In the morning, wash your face with cold water.

After several days, the pores will begin to reduce blackheads and will be less noticeable. If blackheads already caused the formation of pimples, apply lemon juice on the sore spot two times a day to speed up drying and disappearance of pimples.

If you want to lighten your hair, paint is not the only solution. Lemon juice is just as practical and at the same time, more natural solution. Mix 60 ml of lemon juice with 180 ml of water and apply to hair. For more dramatic and faster results, dry the hair in the sun.

To clear the board from stains, squeeze half a lemon on it and rub well. Then let stay that way for 20 minutes. Rinse with water and repeat if necessary. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting cutting boards, lemon juice will remove the strong scents of white and red onions and other food that has a strong odor.

Your white clothes have lost their original whiteness? Next time you wash them, add 120 ml of lemon juice and you’ll never use chemicals for bleaching.

In order to get rid of a sore throat, you do not need to immediately run to the drugstore and buy drugs. Just to mix 60 ml of lemon juice, 340 grams of honey and 120 ml of olive oil. Heat the mixture for five minutes, stir it and drink one teaspoon every two hours.

A less known fact about the lemon is that it can help you to get rid of dandruff. For this treatment, you need 15 ml lemon juice, which you should rub on wet hair. Then rub the shampoo, and rinse with a mixture of 30 ml of lemon juice and 480 ml of water. Repeat the process every other day until the dandruff disappears.

Plates, other than stainless steel (stainless steel), brass and copper can restore the old gloss with the help of lemon. It is necessary that the lemon is sprinkled with little salt and you should rub the aforementioned dishes. Add a little water and they’ll already look like new. You can use this so that you re-gain the old gloss to the sink, if it’s made from stainless steel.

You have prepared a tasty treat and after an hour, it no longer looks fresh? Lemon juice is a real salvation! It prevents browning that occurs in certain foods, and your pears and apples will look fresh for hours.

A grater is sometimes almost impossible to clean, because of all those little holes in which remains of foods are accumulated. The next time you are faced with this difficult task, cut the lemon in half and move it a couple of times over all sides. This way you can get past the remains with minimal effort.

In addition to everything else, lemon can also fix your mood! It is enough to fill a transparent container with the fruit, and place it in a visible place (mid-table club, by the window, etc.), so you’ll enjoy every time you see it. It’s simple, very efficient and, above all, beautiful.

Bother with cleaning microwave ovens? Just mix 60 ml of lemon juice and 15 ml of water and put the mixture in the microwave for five minutes, after which you will easily clean it.

In order to refresh your kitchen drains, it is enough to put 60 ml of lemon juice and one teaspoon of baking soda in them, and odors will become history.

To efficiently solve the stain of certain food, you need to soak your hands in lemon juice after you finish the job with the aforementioned ingredients. Believe me, your hands will be grateful.