13-Year-Old Finishes College With 4 Degrees, Becoming Youngest Student To Ever Graduate There

Most prominent figures throughout human history have shown their sharp mind and exceptional skills from a very young age. Do you believe that leaders are born, and not made?

Regardless, you are about to meet one now!

When in the third grade, Ru Andrade, the mother of Jack Rico, noticed that her son was particularly intelligent for his age. He absorbed information at a very quick pace, and elementary school was simply not challenging for him.

Therefore, she started homeschooling her son. By the age of 11, the boy had exceeded every high school standard of academics! Actually, he has never even received a grade lower than an A.

Last month, at the age of 13, this wunderkind became the youngest student to ever graduate from Fullerton College in California. The college confirmed that he became the youngest student to achieve that feat in the school’s 107-year-old history.

Plus, in only two years, he earned four associate’s degrees in history, human expression, social behavior, and social science!

He said:

“I just love learning new stuff. I love knowing more about the world and all the different things we could study.”

Rico will be continuing his education at the University of Nevada on a full scholarship.

He plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in history, but explains that he doesn’t want to make too many future plans:

 “I’m 13, so I don’t want to rush everything. I’m still trying to figure it out, but I just want to focus on learning right now. That’s what I love to do.”

Moreover, he credits all his achievements to hard work only:

“You never just know everything. You have to study day and night.”


Watch the video below to learn more about this amazing boy: