13 Different Ways to Make Hummus

Hummus is a great dish. At least that is what most people say. Chickpeas are the base of this delicacy, and according to experts, chickpeas are your best friends when it comes to managing weight issues. They are an amazing source of protens and B vitamins, and they will also boost your metabolism.

Chickpeas are loaded with fiber, meaning they will keep you full for longer, and as you already know, fiber enhances gut cleansing and provides regular bowel movement.


And last but not least, chickpeas taste amazing. They taste slightly sweet and give a nutty sort of flavor. Chickpeas give an amazing flavor when added to salads.

Add some chickpeas to your soups, use them as a base for your Hummus, and you can even roast them until crispy to make a nice snack without feeling guilty or wondering about the calories.

Even though Chickpeas are legumes from the bean family, they have a lot less starch than other beans, which is exactly what you need in your diet if you struggle with weight.

You can either buy them in cans or jars, and always choose products that do not have any salt added and are not soaked in oil. For optimal results, use dried chickpeas and cook them at home.

Hummus provides great anti-cancer properties, and can decrease the risk of breast, prostate and colon cancer by 50%. How can hummus give such amazing benefits?

“Blame” it to the chickpeas and sesame seeds -- the base ingredients of hummus. Scientists have recently discovered that chickpeas and other legumes contain unique compounds that have the power to hinder the growth of breast and prostate cancer cells in vitro, and also eradicate 64% of precancerous colon growths in laboratory mice. The same applies for people as well.

Studies involving large populations confirm that individuals who eat legumes have a 32 percent lower risk of developing cancer in general, a 57% lower risk of colon cancer, and a 45% lower risk of prostate cancer.

Hummus is super-easy to make. Check the graphic by Shape.com for some amazing recipes an choose your favorite. Remember, you should always use organic ingredients.

Regardless of whatever you fancy, the same method applies for every recipe: rinse and dry the beans. Combine all the ingredients together and use your food processor to get a smooth consistency.

If you prefer a thinner consistency, add a tablespoon of water at a time until you reach to the desired result. Check these 13 mouthwatering flavors of hummus:


Article and graphic source: www.shape.com