12 Things You Should Never Ever Be Ashamed Of

Kristen Butler once said that we should never be ashamed of ourselves, encouraging everybody to be proud of themselves.  We live in a world full of criticism and shaming. People shame others over anything, regardless of whether it’s their style, politics, religion and lifestyle choices.

Stop doing this to yourself. You are unique, and that’s something you should never take for granted. Don’t let anyone change you. Be proud of yourself.

12 things you shouldn’t be ashamed of:


The world is too busy, and we can change that. We spend our days making other people (boss, family, friends) happy. What about you? Do you take enough time to take care of yourself? We all need some “me time.” It may be reading a book or booking a vacation. The choice is yours, and you don’t own anyone an explanation.

Expressing emotions

Are you sad? Angry? Express it! Don’t hide your feelings, because they will come back when you least expect it.

Your company

You decide who you spend your time with. According to Jim Rohn’s law of averages, we spend most of our time with five people. So, yes, it’s really important that you make wise choices.


There are so many people who ask questions about your income, but you don’t even have to answer those questions. Your job and education are your choice, and you should never let others question your choices.


Forgiving others makes you a big person. Holding grudges can make you sick. Forgiveness helps you grow and let go of the bad energy. Remember that.


We all have something to hope for. We are all dreamers. Positive thinking can have great impact on your life, and it can even help you live longer! Don’t let others blame you for being a dreamer.

Positive thinking

Being positive about every situation is life-changing. It gives you strength to go through your problems and find the right solution. Positive thinking helps you cope with challenges.

Being true to yourself

Being true to yourself is the greatest thing you will ever do for yourself.  Many people spend their life full of regrets. You don’t want to be one of them, right? Stay true to yourself, and do the things you need in your life.


You can’t change the past. We all had problems to deal with. However, your past should never be a problem to anyone near you. Don’t be ashamed of it. That’s how you got this far, remember?


There’s nothing better than being yourself. Tina Fey wrote a nice memoir, “Bossypants.” Check that out.

Many people are ashamed of their natural looks, and that’s a big mistake. We are all unique, remember? Ignore beauty standards and love yourself.

Eating habits

You can’t be ashamed of your vegan diet. You shouldn’t be. That’s your choice, and you shouldn’t let anyone blame you for that. You know what works best for your body, so keep doing that.

Doing and giving your best

Living a happy life is our priority, and we do our best to achieve that. However, there are some obstacles we can’t avoid. Like the people who blame you for doing your best. Stay away from critics, and keep doing your best.

Stop being ashamed of the things that make you who you are. You are a strong person, and try not to forget that. You have the right to dream, quit your job, or date. Don’t be ashamed of your freedom.