12 Things You Only Understand If Your Grandma Has Always Been Your Best Friend on Earth

Are you one of those lucky persons who grew up with their grandparents?

If yes, you know how blessed you are to have your grandma by your side. These women are the most special in our lives, and we can see how wonderful one woman can be.

We will tell you a dozen things to understand if your grandma is your best friend!

Since the day we are born, our grandparents are with many of us. They are our first best friends! Our parents ask for their guidance throughout their parenthood. Can you think of the person who was your first babysitter? It was your grandma/grandpa, of course!

Those persons took care of us when our parents had to work!

What is the best with grandparents? 

We can do all the things that our parents don’t allow, with them. They spoiled us!

Besides, you can read twelve things about why our grandmas are the best!

  1. She makes us happy – and we make her happy!!!

Journal of the American Gerontological Society surveyed in 2014, and it resulted in the conclusion that grandparents who spend their time with grandchildren had a lower risk of depression. Also, grandparents provide the ill children faster recovery!

“If there’s somebody they trust and know is always on their side, that’s a huge emotional plus for the child. They have somebody around who’s comforting; who hugs them and sits with them and reads with them.”


  1. It is the same when we are adults!

We learn from grandma, and we teach her something, too.

We acquire many skills from our grandma. Maybe she is a good cook, and we learn how to cook. Here are all those family recipes traditionally passed from generation to generation.

She may be a businesswoman, and we will learn how to business.

No matter what they taught us: We have all learned something more about life from them to live our lives better.

In case you didn’t know, we have brain-boosting effects on our grandparents only by being with them.

A study showed that the grandma who babysits her grandchildren has better brain functions.

  1. We have a better life. Grandma has a longer life.

In 2016 a survey was done by the journal Evolution and Human Behavior. The survey included 500 elderly grandmothers, from 70 to 103 years old.

Those who said that they were with their grandchildren lived significantly longer than the others.

Also, some grandparents took the responsibility of raising their grandchildren resulting from death, addiction, divorce, etc. They are heroes!

Another research was done in 1960 on animals, resulting in the same statistics. Females live long past reproductive age. Grandmothers help their daughter to have more children. They are taking care of the children, so the daughter can have more time for having more children.

But, let’s not exaggerate; these benefits last only to a certain point.

If a woman reaches a state where she cannot do the daily task, she must look for someone to help her, away from the young ones.


  1. At grandma’s, you will never be hungry!

No one cooks like my grandma! There we eat our favorite dishes! She knows what we want, and she prepares everything!

In grandma’s house, we can find our favorite cookies, desserts, etc.

  1. You help your grandma, and she helps you too!

She lives long enough to transmit us some of her wisdom! This crucial person in our lives can teach us everything beginning with love advice to removing a stain from our jacket.

The world is moving, grandparents cannot keep up with the latest inventions like technology and all on the internet, but they can teach us something we cannot find there.

  1. Grandma is always here for us.

Who cheers for you all the time? –Grandma! She is always here in your happiest and your most challenging situations. If you are happy, she is happy, and if you are sad, she is sadder!

  1. We always have fun with grandma.

She was a parent, and now she is a grandma. They have to relax and play with you! Grandma is fun. We all want to hang out with her!

  1. If you have a problem, tell your grandma.

As we previously mentioned, she is here for us in our most challenging situations. If you have a problem and want to tell someone, go and tell your grandma! She is the best listener!

  1. Grandma hugs the best!

There isn’t any other person on this planet that hugs like my grandma. Once I am in her arms, I feel like the most loved and important person in the world! She provides me security!

  1. Grandma’s house is the safest of all.

As I said, she makes me feel safe. Don’t tell me that you haven’t been hiding from your parents in your grandma’s house. You are safe there so, relax.

  1. Grandma gives us courage.

If you think that you aren’t good at something, go and ask what your grandma feels about that. She will encourage you like no one ever did! For her, you are the best at everything!

  1. The grandmother keeps us grounded.

We all need to be humble. Young people are keen on overpraising themselves. In this situation, she will remind you that she changed your diapers!


You need to respect your grandma! She is a treasure!

Grandma is the best! If you still have one, you are fortunate!

I am proud of my grandma!