11-Year-Old Iranian Girl Scores 162 In Mensa IQ Test Beating Einstein And Hawking

Ayslebury High School student Tara Sharifi had incredible score in the MENSA test. If you have 140+ on this test, you are a “Genius,” and Tara is more than that. Tara did the test in Oxford and shocked pretty much everyone.

She scored 162-2 points which is much higher than the one of Albert Einstein, the father of modern physics. According to IFP News, participants were given serious of questions and exact time to answer them.

Tara couldn’t believe that she scored this many points on the genius test. This score gives the girl a chance to become part of the MENSA society, also known as the High IQ Society.

The 11-year-old also talked about the choice she and her parents made. Tara is super excited to meet other people from the same area. Her friends were impressed, too.

Tara’s dad, Hossein, was surprised by his daughter’s score. He was both shocked and proud, and became aware that Tara is an intelligent girl. Tara would even answer mathematics questions before other contestants on TV shows. The girl was smart, but Hossein wasn’t even aware of Tara’s intelligence.

What’s Tara’s biggest interest? She is interested in mathematics. Is she the new Einstein? The society better take care of Tara and give her all the resources she needs to become the next Einstein.

Our world needs girls like Tara. She has the intelligence and knowledge to expand our general knowledge and bring new inventions. Hopefully, her knowledge will help humanity.