11 Double Standards That Are Ruining Our Lives

Unfortunately, the society we live in is rich in double standards, and it has probably been thus for a long time. The term refers to the injustice, discrimination, and pain that society brings to people.

Double standards can create conflicts or under certain circumstances, have the potential to become the deadly virus in a relationship. Double standards can come in all forms, and they can pose as a sort of hypocrisy.

Take your time to think about the meaning of the images below, as it might be a step towards a better world, free of prejudgment:

1. Flirting at work is evaluated based on personal preferences.

2. We judge outfits and forget that everyone wears what he feels comfortable in.

3. Regardless of the size of their wallet, each customer deserves attention.

4. All puppies deserve a place to call home.

5. The older generation does not realize they are addicted to TV but accuses children of being addicted to their phones.

6. Society praises macho men and condemns women who get attention from the opposite sex.

7. Many people still consider women worse drivers than men.

8. Crying is still seen as a sign of weakness in men.

9. We react differently to the same behavior from a stranger’s and our own children.

10. We expect the mother to pay more attention to a child than the father.

11. We often dare to talk about someone’s appetite and figure.

We can all be guilty from time to time of having double standards, and most of the time, we are not even aware of the harm we are causing by doing it.

Yet, some people have one set of rules for themselves and another set for everyone else, and judge themselves very differently from the way they judge others. They are selfish, lack empathy, and are very judgmental of others, self-absorbed, and egocentric.

Whenever you can, avoid them, but at the same time, work hard to improve yourself, and to change your attitudes.

The world does not revolve around one person, and no one deserves to be ashamed or judged for living their own life the way they choose.