101 Science-Backed, Evidence-Based Uses for Coconut Oil That Will Change Your Life

61.Relieve Constipation: Being a natural laxative, it will accelerate your metabolism and soften stools.

62.Treats Toenail Fungus:  Apply a small amount of coconut oil on the area a few times during the day.

63.Sore Throat Relief: Dissolve a teaspoon of coconut oil in the mouth and let it roll down the throat to calm a sore throat.

64.Treats Fungal and Yeast Infections: The medium-chain fatty acids found in coconut oil diffuse into cell membranes of various organisms and effectively kill viruses, parasite, bacteria, fungi, yeast. You just need to add 3-5 tablespoons of this oil to your daily diet. Moreover, you can also apply some coconut oil on the affected areas.

65.Treats Cough: Mix a half teaspoon of this oil with a teaspoon of honey and add them to a  quarter cup of water. Drink it while hot to alleviate a cough.

66.Cold Sores: Soothe the pain and stop sores from spreading by applying some coconut oil few times during the day.

67.Insect Repellent: Slather some coconut oil on to keep the bugs away, as they simply hate it.

68.Bug Bites: This oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that will reduce the irritation and soothe the itching.

69.Relieves Sunburn: Mix coconut oil and aloe vera gel in a ratio 1:1 and refrigerate to cool. The, rub it on the affected area to cool it and relieve the sunburn.

70.Relief from Eczema: Use coconut oil to soothe the itching due to eczema.

71.Bee Sting Soother: Remove the stinger, and add some coconut oil to relieve the pain and reduce the swelling.

72.Relief from Poison Ivy: Apply this oil and it will solve the issue caused by ivy, sumac or oak. Also, you should enjoy a warm bath with some coconut oil.

73.Soothe Chicken Pox: Rub some coconut oil on the affected areas to soothe the itching or pain.

74.Eliminate Warts and Moles: Rub this oil on warts and moles. Then, cover the areas with an a bandage to leave it to act. If done regularly, you will get rid of moles and warts.

75.Relief from Heartburn/Acid Reflux: Three tablespoons of coconut oil daily will soothe the esophagus and enhance your digestive health.

76.Toothache relief: Mix coconut oil with clove oil in a 1:2 ratio, and apply the mixture to your gums with a cotton swab to alleviate a toothache.

77.Toothpaste: Make your own, natural and effective toothpaste by combining  6 tablespoons of coconut oil and 6 tablespoons of baking soda with 25 drops of essential oil( for instance, spearmint).

78.Mouthwash: This method is called oil pulling, meaning to use this oil as a mouthwash. You may use it in liquid form.

79.Treat an Ear Infection: Apply some coconut oil to the ear in order to treat the ear infection.

80.Stop Nose Bleeds: Rub some coconut oil in the nostrils to fight the cracking that causes the bleeding.

81.Remove Ear Wax: Using an eyedropper, pour 2 drops of coconut oil to dissolve wax buildup in your ear.

82.Fight Allergies: Put a little coconut oil on your nostrils for quick relief in the case of allergies.

83.Prevent Lice: You should dip a comb in coconut oil, and run it through the hair to chase lice away.

Pregnancy and Infant Care

Regardless whether you are carrying or taking care of a baby, coconut oil can be your best friend.

84.Prevent Morning Sickness: During pregnancy, take a tablespoon of coconut oil in the morning to reduce morning sickness and soothe the stomach.

85.Rub on Perineum: Prevent or lessen tears to the perineum during birth by applying coconut oil to it on a daily basis during the months before.

86.Nipple Cream: When nursing, rub some coconut oil on the nipples to reduce the irritation. It is also safe for your baby as well.

87.Nursing Boost: In order to increase the milk supply and nutrients, a mother should consume 3-4 tablespoons of this miraculous oil every day.

88.Stop Diaper Rash: Due to its powerful antifungal properties, coconut oil will effectively prevent irritations and soothe the rash.

89.Moisturize Baby’s Skin:  In order to moisturize and protect them, you should apply a dab to dry patches, such as the creases of the baby’s neck.This oil is completely safe and will prevent irritations.

Fixing Stuff Around the Home

It is more than advisable to have this oil at home, as it will be of great help:

90.Lubricate Kitchen Appliances: Rub some oil on the blades of your small kitchen appliances, like can openers, blenders, mixers, and food processors.

91.Remove Rust: Apply some coconut oil on the rusty places and leave it for several hours, and then rinse using warm water.

92.Unstuck a Zipper: Rub some coconut oil on the stuck zipper and you will solve the problem!

93.Fix Squeaky Hinges: Lubricate the squeaky door with coconut oil and you can enjoy the peace and calamity of your home.

94.Gum Removal: Use coconut oil to remove gum from the shoes, carpet, hair and the like.

95.Furniture Polish: Rub a little coconut oil on your furniture and you will make it shine like new. moreover, you will prevent the harmful effects of the toxic polishes.

96.Leather Cleaner: By making it shine using this miraculous oil, you are also cleaning the leather at the same time.

97.Get Rid of Soap Scum: Apply some coconut oil on the sink or shower in order to easily scrub the buildup away.

98.Remove a Ring: Especially if your fingers have swollen, rings are difficult to be removed. Yet, you can apply some coconut oil to the hand and the ring and it will come off extremely easily.

99.Coat Snow Shovels: Apply some coconut oil to the shovel in order to avoid sticking of the snow to it, and thus, you will easily clear the driveway.

100.Leather Shiner: Rub some coconut oil on the boots, purses or pumps to make them look fresh and shiny.

101.Plant Shine: Rub some coconut oil on the leaves of your plants in order to clean the accumulated dust and to make them shine.

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