100-Year-Old Lady Cried Tears Of Joy When Garbage Collectors Surprised Her With A Birthday Cake

A video keeps melting everyone’s hearts, as garbage man Ben Bird is shown walking up a garden path with a white and pink birthday cake in hand.

The cake is to celebrate the 100th birthday of his good friend, Dorothy Ballard – known as Mercy to family and friends. He had been collecting Mercy’s garbage for 8 years, and they become very good friends.

They chat every Thursday for almost ten minutes – from 8:00 to 8:10 – and their brief conversations were enough for them to talk about everything, from family to technology.

Ben explains that their friendship started with her opening the door and saying ‘Thank you’, and from there, they developed a special bond.

Mercy said that Ben told her about his family and little kids.

“One day, when his wife had the baby, a little girl, and he said to me, ‘We’re going to call her Daisy.’ And I said, ‘Oh how wonderful, do you know that was my Mother’s name?’”

At one point, Ben promised to Mercy that if she reached 100 years old, he would show up at her doorstep with a birthday cake.

Mercy kept her end of the bargain, so Ben and two of his friends went to surprise Mercy and celebrate her birthday.

The video was posted by Mercy’s second-oldest granddaughter, Katy Smith.

Ben is seen walking up her garden path and waiting by the door with a cake. When Mercy opened the door, he started singing her a happy birthday, and Mercy, touched, is seen burying her face in her hand.

She lifted her head, revealed a big smile, blew out the candles, and made a wish- to live five more years.

Katy thanked all friends and neighbors who made her grandmother feel special.

The adorable scene has been viewed over three million times since it was shared on social media, and it also prompted an invitation to appear the popular morning breakfast show, where they spoke about their close relationship.

This Morning offered Ben a free holiday for his heartwarming gesture, but he quickly reassured Mercy her bins would be taken care of by his friend Joe in his absence.

Mercy also revealed that she’d got a telegram from the Queen to celebrate her big day, and added she was so bewildered, that she couldn’t take it all in.

Viewers pointed out that their friendship story restored their faith in humanity, and wished them to enjoy each other’s company for years to come.

Watch the video below to see the moment when Mercy received her birthday cake: