10+ Reasons Glass Tables Are A Must-Have For Cat Owners

People think you have to be either a dog person or a cat person. Well, it doesn’t have to be like that.

It’s true that cats come with some attitude, and you can never be sure you really know your cat.

If you live with cats, here’s a thing you definitely have to buy -- a glass table. We all know cats enjoy climbing on furniture. In these pictures, these majestic fur balls look like cat ships.

1. Here’s a funny picture of a cat trying to get some sleep on the table.

2. No other animal can find the wrong place and time to groom themselves, like cats do. That usually happens while they are trying to sleep, or when they are in front of the TV. Tongue-out vibes!

3. You have to get a glass table if you like seeing kitty beams. Take a look at how cute and round they are.

4. People who have these skylights are the luckiest! They have the opportunity to get up in the morning and see this.

5. Here, you can see the see-through cat bowl, in which the cat can take the shape of its container.

6. If your cat has decided to spend its life sleeping, you can at least enjoy watching it from each possible angle.

7. Look at this tucked paw. Does this look comfortable?

8. Now, here are some paws curled under this cat.

9. This is a FOMO personified cat. It surely looks like this cat is somewhere outside on a rainy night, watching people who are having fun from a glass window.

10. Keep watching me, I don’t care at all!

11. The face of a cat which has just discovered you can see through glass.

12. Look how much I can spread!

13. Now, this looks like a scene from a horror movie!

14. Here’s a friendly can which doesn’t care we’re interrupting its free time.

15. So, we’ve already seen a tucked-in paw. Well, this time, they are all tucked-in. Let’s welcome this hover cat.

16. It seems this cat’s alarm has just gone off.