10 Invisible Things Stress is Doing To Your Body Right Now

Our health is significantly influenced by our feelings and emotions, things that happen in our everyday life and things that occupy our mind. The science is strong, and yet so often stress is considered an amorphous gray area, something we can’t put our finger on or measure, and so it gets dismissed as not being “real.”

It is probable that in the near future, there will probably be some devices that would be able to detect shifts in stress hormones like cortical and adrenaline in real time.

In that way, we will be able to track the cause of our stress, and how things impact on our health. When that happens, the gray area will become very black and white.

Even when we have that technology however, connecting the dots between knowing your hormone levels and changing your behavior will come down to understanding how those hormones impact your body and your life.

However, stress in perhaps the most dangerous toxin that comes in contact with our body on a daily basis. It can provoke numerous changes in our health and behavior, and these 10 are the most important harmful effects it has:

  1. Early life events determine your set point for stress.

According to studies on this subject, even very early childhood events “set” your CRH, or corticotrophin releasing hormone, at a high or low level. CRH is like the foot on the gas turning on your adrenals, and therefore your stress levels.

  1. Stress causes brain damage.

High levels of stress hormones cause damage of the critical parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, the area responsible for memory. One reason people experience “adrenal burnout” after long term chronic stress is because the brain turns off the adrenals in order to protect itself.

  1. Stress decreases the capacity to detoxify and metabolize

According to research, stress has a negative impact in the numerous genes responsible for enzymes that break down fats and detoxify prescription drugs. It can complicate things even further by boosting your high fat, and high- sugar cravings.

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