10 Fruits You’ve Probably Never Tasted

5. Longan

Longan or “Dimocarpus longan” originated in Malaysia, but it is also cultivated in parts of South and Southeast Asia. In Malay (Malaysian language) this fruit is known as “mata kucing”, meaning “cat eyes”.


This fruit is sweet and juicy, and though it can be consumed fresh, it is also added in East Asian soup, sweet -- sour and sweet dishes. You can buy this fruit fresh or dried, canned or as syrup. Dry longan is often used in Chinese cuisine and medicine, because they are believed to have a relaxing effect on the body.

4. Physalis

Physalis or “Solanaceae” is a fruit that grows in warm temperate and subtropical regions around the world. Its typical fruit is similar to hard tomato and physalisot has a sweet and refreshingly sour taste.


This fruit can be eaten raw or used in addition to desserts and salads, and you can also use it  to make jam and jelly. In addition to this, in Chinese medicine it is used to relieve cough, fever and throat inflammation.