10 Fruits You’ve Probably Never Tasted

9. Pepino

Pepino fruit, in Latin “Solanum muricatum”, known as Pepino Dulce or Sweet Pepino. It is a type of evergreen shrub originating in South America, and this fruit is cultivated for its fresh edible fruits.


Pepino taste can be compared with the mixture of pear and melon, and it is useful for people diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease, patients who suffered a stroke or have a high blood pressure. Regular consumption generally improves strenght.

8. Cherimoya

Cherimoya or “Annona cherimola” is a fruit which is considered to have originated in the Andes. This fruit was first imported to California and Hawaii in 1871, and then arrived to Italy and Portugal. In some places cherimoya fruit is called tropical apple, but this translation is not quite popular.


Cherimoya taste depends on the fruit variety, some types taste like pineapples, while others are sweet as pears and apples. This fruit contains 15 % sugar and it is also rich in vitamin C. Cherimoya seeds must never be broken because they are toxic and can cause paralysis.