10 Easy Houseplants That Absorb Toxins From The Air So That You Don’t Have To

Indoor houseplants are a beautiful decoration in the home, but they are much more valuable due to the numerous benefits they offer, mainly, their air-purification properties.

Despite their ability to increase air quality, these plants can offer numerous other benefits, as they:

  • They are a natural and chemical-free way to freshen the home and fill it with pleasant scents
  • Indoor plants improve sleep quality and treat insomnia and sleeping difficulties
  • Studies have shown that they can relieve stress and improve productivity at the workplace
  • Researchers have found that indoor plants increase the levels of positivity, treat depression and loneliness, and improve mental health 
  • Have healing properties, such as Aloe Vera
  • Ensure the adequate moisture in the air and act as natural humidifiers

The following 10 houseplants are among the most efficient air- cleansing ones you can have at home:

Chrysanthemum- Place it in a light area in the house and it can help you eliminate benzene from the air, which is often found in paint, plastic, detergents, and glue

English ivy- Place this amazing plant in the bedroom, to purify the air from formaldehyde and improve your sleep quality

Mother-In-Law’s Tongue- It can thrive in humid conditions, with little lightning, so you can place it in the bathroom, to filter out contaminants found on toilet paper, tissue, and cleaning products.

Weeping Fig- It is one of the best ways to filter out pollutants found in furniture and carpeting

Aloe Vera- Place this plant in the kitchen to eliminate the chemicals found in household cleaners, and you can also use the gel to cure small cuts and burns.

Gerber daisies- Place them in the laundry area or in the bedroom. They are able to remove pollutants from the body, often found in dry cleaning products.

Azaleas- It removes formaldehyde released from plywood and foam insulation, so you can place it in a bright area in the basement

Spider Plant- It will purify the air from traces of benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide

Bamboo palm- It can help you remove benzene and other toxins from the air, found in furniture and carpeting.

Warneck Dracaena- It detoxifies the air from pollutants found in varnishes and oils

Indoor houseplants are relatively easy to grow. First of all, the soil should not be dry, and water it regularly. Also, make sure you place the pot in an area with enough sun.   

Choose some of the houseplants we listed above, and make your home a nicer, cleaner, and healthier place to live in!

Source: juicing-for-health.com