10 Almost Life-Changing Uses For WD-40 You Didn’t Know!

We all know that WD-40 can be of great help in every household, as it can serve as a lubricant, cleaning agent, and an anti-corrosive item.

What’s interesting is that its name actually tells a lot about its creation process. Namely, WD-40 stands for Water Displacement – 40th Attempt, meaning that its creator’s aim was to make an anti- corrosion formula, but succeeded at his 40th attempt.

In general, WD-40 is used to prevent rust, to clean the tools and sports equipment, to fix squeaky hinges, to lubricate sticky drawers, to eliminate moisture and the like.

Nevertheless, there are some interesting uses of WD-40 that we doubt that some of you have already heard about them.

Yet, before we reveal these, we need to inform you that this product, although generally believed to be completely safe, is highly flammable, which is quite normal regarding the fact that it is petroleum- based.

Hence, if swallowed, it can lead serious issues, and it can trigger respiratory difficulties if used in poor-ventilated areas or in great amounts. Its use can be harmful to your children and pets, so avoid using it when they are close.

Nevertheless, if you use it with caution, it can only ease your everyday life. So, WD-40 can also offer a great help in several other situations, so it can be used to:

1.Clean carpet stains

WD-40 can easily clean carpet stains. All you need to do is to spray the stain, and after several minutes, cleanse it using a sponge and some hot soapy water.

2. Prevent snow buildup on windows

Now it will be simply to prevent the snow build up your windows, by spraying WD-40 on them from outside.

3. Clean the toilet bowl

Although this is no one’s favorite task, it needs to be done regularly. So, spray some WD-40 inside of it, wait for a minute and then brush it with your toilet brush. Its powerful ingredients will dissolve gunk and lime and will make the whole procedure far more easy and quick.

4. Clean tea stains from countertops

If you do not wipe tea stains immediately, you will need much more efforts afterwards. However, WD- 40 will help you in this case as well! Just spray it on a wet sponge and clean the stains.


5. Slide the stuck ring off

Sometimes, you are trying to remove the stuck ring in all kinds of ways, and you just cannot succeed. Yet, there is a solution: spray some WD-40 and the ring will easily come off. Afterwards, remember to wash your hands.

6. Loosen stuck zippers

Usually, the zippers of your jacket, or backpack, jeans, boots and the like, can get stuck, so you simply cannot move it up or down. However, if you spray some WD-40 and move it up and down a bit, you can prevent this annoying thing, as it will lubricate the surface.

In order to avoid staining your clothes, you can apply it with a small brush.

7. Make your boots and shoes waterproof

Spray some WD-40 on your shoes and boots, and it will serve as a barrier, so you will make them waterproof. Namely, it will prevent the moisture from entering your shoes. Furthermore, during the winter, salt stains appear on your boots. Yet, you will make them appear as brand new by spraying WD-40 and cleaning them afterwards with a cloth.

8. Get rid of the chewing gum from your hair

This is a girl’s worst nightmare! Chewing gums can occasionally tangle in the hair, but cutting the hair is far from the best or only solution! Namely, WD- 40 can again help. Simply spray some of it on the stuck chewing gum, and comb your hair. This time you will easily do it. Yet, be careful not to spray it near your eyes, and do it in a ventilated room or outside your house.

9. Take the stickers off the glass windows

After a while, we all hate the stickers that we have put on the windows. But the problem arises when we need to remove them, as some soapy water won’t do the job, and the more we keep them, the more difficult it is to get rid of them.

Nevertheless, Wd-40 contains solvents which destroy the stickiness of the stickers, so if you spray some of it on them, and wait for several minutes, you can easily scrape them off with some no-scratch spatula.

10. Remove super glue

Super glue is really difficult to be removed from any kinds of surfaces, and especially from your hands. Yet, just spray WD-40 on your fingers, and rub your hands against each other. In this way, you will take the super glue off easily. The same procedure can be used for the removal of superglue from any other surface in your home.

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