You Didn’t Know-Paprika Powder Can Stop Bleeding Within 15 Seconds

It can happen that you cut or scratch in a tricky place, and you just cannot stop the bleeding.  Nothing helps in these cases, even if you try to use a patch, or you hold a handkerchief firmly pressed to the wound.. But, do not despair, for there is a solution, though.


This article will help you handle the situation, because it will reveal a simple solution to stop bleeding.

First of all, for quick healing of the wound you need a coagulator. The best coagulator is healing clay powder. However, if you do not have it at home, you can use paprika powder for the same cause, but it should not be too hot. It would be best if you can find an organic paprika.

Paprika powder is the perfect solution in cases of serious cuts, bleeding for the nose, and even arterial bleeding, because it can stop the bleeding in a few seconds.


You simply need to sprinkle some paprika powder on the wound and press it with a tissue, and after some time, it dries. Bleeding will be stopped in short time.
You can do the same procedure with home powdered clay, and achieve the same results.

These two substances, red pepper powder and powdered clay are also beneficial in case of internal bleedings.
Then, you should simply take a teaspoon of the powder mix with a hot water in a cup and drink it.