Megan Fisher wearing bikini on the beach

Woman Who Used To Starve Herself To Lose Weight Flaunts Her 300lbs Body In Bikinis

Megan Fisher taught the world a lesson of self-acceptance, and women love her new attitude.

Losing weight is the most frustrating process a person goes through. Sometimes the effort doesn’t pay off. Sometimes we just stick to the wrong diet regimen. Diets have nothing to do with magic, and you can’t lose weight overnight.

How about accepting your body as it is? Megan Fisher is here to teach you a lesson.

Megan spent most of her life starving herself in an effort to lose weight. It didn’t work and her weight didn’t go down. The Plus-sized decided to ditch the labels and enjoy life. She regained her confidence and showed off her body without paying attention to those who called her “a whale.”

Megan Fisher wearing bikini and eating ice cream on the beach

Megan Fisher posing in bikini on the beach

The teacher was never really proud of her body and she didn’t even approach boys. Her self-esteem was so low that she almost gave up on her social life.

Today, Megan is more confident than ever. She enjoys beach days, and never misses the chance to wear one of her 50s bikinis. Shorts, crop tops and other fancy pieces… Megan wears this without a second thought.

Megan Fisher posing in bikini on the beach

Megan Fisher in her bathing suit

After graduation, Megan got a job as a bank cashier and never really liked her job. She was also engaged in an unhappy romantic relationship.

Megan Fisher posing on the beach

Megan’s story is an encouragement for other plus-sized women to love their bodies and embrace their appearance. The beautiful lady grew up thinking that society only accepts thin bodies. Megan tried everything. She followed every advice she got. Isagenix, Keto, Atkins and paleo. None of these worked.

Beautiful Megan spent most of her life trying to shed weight. In 2004, the teacher planned to take part in pre-op preparation for gastric bypass. That’s when it struck her.

Megan Fisher posing in the pool

Megan Fisher

“My life before I moved to New York City could be described as dull. I was unmotivated to make any changes in my life, mostly due to fear, and therefore very unhappy,” said Megan.

“I was in a miserable job as a bank cashier making low wages. I was living with a boyfriend in a relationship that was not right for me. I was unhappy with my body because I did not know what happiness even was. I would never have worn a bikini until I moved to New York and found my new mindset of self-love. In high school, I was so self-conscious of my body and truly believed I would never be able to have a boyfriend until I lost weight.”

She was happy with her body. It made her comfortable and confident. Megan didn’t need to lose weight to feel and look good. instead of diving into another effortless regimen, Megan moved to NYC and put an end to her unhappy romance.

The big change came unexpected and it was the scariest thing Megan has ever done in her life. It was a life-changing moment, and Megan regained her independency. She was confident and free.