Very Few People Can Solve This Math Problem Without Using A Calculator

The COVID-19 pandemic has locked us inside our homes, so we ended up trying numerous ways to kill time. Many of us read tons of books and watched all films on Netflix, some tried their skills in the kitchen, others turned to gardening or some DIY projects.

So, we have something different for you now- a math problem!

No matter how hard we all tried to avoid Math as a subject at school, later in life, we all realized that it is very important and applied in numerous real-world situations. Math is excellent for our brain, improves our problem-solving skills, helps us with the finances, and practically every career uses it.

Math brain teasers combine logic and math to test your mental mettle. These exercises are very beneficial, and a little math will challenge your brain and your mind will quickly become clearer.

So, waste no more time, and try to solve this one without using a calculator.

Remember the rules of mental math and don’t peek!

If you have solved the equation- check your answer now!

The correct answer is..104!

If you haven’t got the correct answer, do not despair, as you are not the only one.

Actually, very few people can solve it the first time!

Now, let’s revise the rules of basic math and the order of operations needed for completing equations.

Do you remember the acronym BEDMAS?

B – brackets

E – exponents

D – division

M – multiplication

A – addition

S – subtraction

Depending on where you are in the world, you might have learned the acronym as PEMDAS or BODMAS.

Now, try completing the equation again using it:

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