Throw Away Your Glasses! Thousands Of People Improved Their Vision With This Method

Insufficient muscle activity weakens muscles additionally. Here is a good example for this condition.
If you break your leg, you will sure need a wheelchair until your fracture heals completely. In this way the muscles on your leg remain inactive for a while, which means they get weaker. That is exactly what happens to the muscles that surround your eye lenses.
Wearing glasses requires doing certain eye exercises, otherwise your condition may get even worse. Eye muscles need as much exercise as any other muscle in the human body.
The following guidelines will help you learn more about the function of your eyes, and you will also be able to improve your vision.

  1. Give your eyes a nice rest every 2-3 hours and avoid any additional pressure
  2. Eye gymnastics is an amazing thing – do 16 simple exercises and improve your vision for good. All you have to do is follow the lines on the picture below with your eyes (see picture)
  3. Put your eye glasses away
  4. Massage these points every day (see picture)
  5. Apply a mild pressure on your eyeballs. Use the fingertips of your index and middle finger. Be careful, you should not feel any pain at all. Press these points using your index finger. Repeat.
  6. Look far away when walking. Enjoy nature.
  7. Drink some carrot juice every day. Add a few drops of olive oil to enrich its effect.
  8. Always rinse your eyes with lukewarm water.
  9. Avoid working on your computer for at least two hours before you go to bed.
  10. Do Trataka, an Indian technique that involves staring at an external object. This will help you improve your vision. Fixed gazing is a sort of meditation. You should concentrate on a certain point, like a small object, a dot, or even a candle flame. Focusing will strengthen your eyes and stimulate your third eye.

If you are doing this activity for the first time, try focusing on a certain item and stare at it for a while, pay attention to each thought and watch it rise.
Your mind will absorb with the symbol completely. Your eyes will water, which means they are closed and relaxed. The main purpose of this exercise is to endure as much as possible before your eyes start watering.
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