This Is What Your Acne Reveals About Your Health

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that the acne, pimples, and zits on your face are associated with certain health problem in different part of the body.

For example, pimples in the upper cheek area indicate a problem in the lungs and respiratory system, and smoking is one of the root causes for this problem. Knowing this, you can link the location of zits and acne to health problems in the rest of your body, like infection and disease.


Upper Forehead

Digestive system and bladder
You should drink more water to flush the toxins, and also pay more attention to your diet. Avoid fatty foods and refined sugar. Eat a lot of fresh and organic fruits and vegetables.

Green tea, warm lemon water, and fresh berries are packed with the highest level of antioxidants. If you do not like eating kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha, kefir, or naturally fermented foods, eat more probiotics, like yogurt, or even a probiotic supplement. You can find these in health food stores.

Lower Forehead

You heart is a vital organ that pumps blood through your entire body. This important function can easily be affected by poor diet, insufficient physical activity, and both mental and physical stress. Pimples on your lower forehead are a sign that you should do cardiovascular exercises more often. Pomegranate and coconut oil also protect heart health.


Large and painful pimples show that you are not taking enough care of your kidneys. Kidney problems come from insufficient water intake and increased consumption of sodium.

Avoid these kidney-damaging habits:

  • you frequently delay the call of nature
  • you drink too much coffee or alcohol
  • you have mineral deficiency
  • you eat too much animal protein
  • you get insufficient sleep
  • you eat too much refined sugar

Subway and other vendors claim that their products are “healthy,” but they are actually loaded with sodium – almost every item on their menu. So, next time you look at the nutrition claims and the highlighted low-fat content, you should focus on the sodium column.

Subway products also contain genetically modified soy. Protect your kidneys and avoid fast food in general, even fast food offered in “healthy” restaurants. Drink more water and eat more parsley, as it is a great detoxifier.

Eyes, orbital area, and between the eyebrows

Oily skin, redness, flakiness and pimples between your eyebrows indicate that your liver is possibly overworked and needs some detoxification. Cut off the fatty foods loaded with vegetable, soy, and canola oil, avoid alcohol and pasteurized dairy products (or dairy altogether).

Do not eat late at night. Instead of a late night snack, a spoonful of raw honey is a great solution to your cravings, providing a good rest for your liver while you sleep. Eat organic root veggies and include these foods to your diet as they easily and effectively cleanse your liver:

  • garlic
  • grapefruit
  • green tea
  • carrots
  • beets
  • leafy greens
  • lemons and limes

Upper Cheeks

Lungs and respiratory system
Acne and broken capillaries on the upper cheeks are a sign of possible lung damage or stress. It’s not only smokers who have lung problems and acne on their upper cheeks. Flare ups in the upper cheeks can be also caused by:

  • asthma
  • allergies
  • lung infections
  • living in a polluted town or area

Lower Cheeks

Gum or teeth problems
Acne may appear in the lower cheek area as a result of gum or teeth problems. Avoid refined sugar and soft drinks. Eat fiber-rich fruits and vegetables to strengthen your teeth and gums. Also try oil pulling. It’s a great technique and it is efficient in treating many gum or teeth problems.

Sides of The Chin

Hormones and genitals
This condition mostly affects women and often indicates hormonal imbalance caused by menstruation, birth control, or high-soy diets.

Emotional and physical stress also cause hormonal imbalance. Make sure to get enough sleep, meditate, or do yoga. This will help keep your mind focused and relieve stress. Also, increase your essential fatty acid intake, such as omega 3.

Using more of these herbs will also help balance your hormones:

  • licorice
  • schisandra
  • holy basil
  • maca root
  • burdock
  • red raspberry leaves
  • rhodiola
  • milk thistle

Center of the chin

Small intestine and stomach
Zits on the center of your chin are caused by poor diet and food allergies. Even if you eat well your body may not digest the nutrients properly. You are what you eat to some extent. To be more precise, you are what you digest. Probiotic deficiency and insufficient consumption of naturally fermented foods or probiotic supplements affect digestion, even though you may eat healthy and organic foods.

If that is your case, the nutrients just pass through you. Carefully read the upper forehead section and learn how to stimulate your intestine.

Stress, insufficient sleep, and dehydration also affect your stomach and small intestine. Sleeping well at night, drinking lots of water, reducing stress, and doing yoga or meditation will help you fight chin acne.

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