This Chinese Face Map Reveals What Your Body Fights With!

The skin is the largest body organ, and it may manifest numerous internal problems. Namely, skin problems often indicate health issues.

Thus, Chinese people believe that different face parts are linked to different body organs, so our face can clearly show the imbalance that has happened in the body, through the appearance of rashes, pimple or color changes.


This is how to read the face map and see what it can tell about your health!

Forehead- linked to the bladder and small intestine

  • Reason: Excessive amounts of fats and processed foods, as well as stress, sleep deficiency, sugar, and alcohol, lead to slow digestion.
  • Treatment: Lots of water, avoidance of alcohol, consumption of raw food, and good sleep.

Area between the eyebrows: linked to the liver

  • Reason: Excessive consumption of meat, and you may even be allergic to some ingredient, and consequently, the stomach is working too hard and does not get the needed rest.
  • Treatment: Organic, raw and healthy foods, fresh air, and meditation, yoga or fast walking.

Eyebrow arch: related to the kidneys

  • Reason: Weak heart, poor circulation, too much alcohol and smoking
  • Treatment: Reduce your intake of alcohol, caffeine, and sweetened drinks and drink lots of clean, fresh water.

Nose: related to the heart

  • Reason: poor circulation, gasses, closed rooms, stomach bloating, polluted air, or even high blood pressure.
  • Treatment: You should examine your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels. You should detox your body with the consumption of organic green tea, and you should exercise regularly.

Upper part of the cheeks: linked to the lungs

  • Reason: Smoking, asthma, pollution, smoking
  • Treatment: Avoid smoking and polluted air, and start exercising regularly.

Cheeks: linked to the lungs and kidneys

  • Reason: Poor diet, stress, excessive amounts of sugar and smoking
  • Treatment: You should avoid junk food and use better-quality cosmetic products.

Mouth and chin: related to the stomach

  • Reason: High-fat foods, high-sugar foods, alcohol, caffeine drinks, stress, staying up late
  • Treatment: You should follow a balanced, healthy diet, rich in fruits. If these issues persist, you should consult your doctor.

Jaw and neck: linked to hormones

  • Reason: Dehydration, too much salty food, too much caffeine, or spices.
  • Treatment: You should drink lots of water and avoid or reduce the consumption of caffeinated drinks, spices, and salty food.