The Secret to Happiness? Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Living in a materialistic era, we have learned to love and appreciate things that can be bought, and they have become status symbols and signs that we have succeeded in life.

We all occasionally feel the need to splurge on something expensive, buy a nice pair of shoes, an iPhone, a luxurious dress, and so on.

However, the satisfaction these things bring to us does not last more than a month, and we end up raving for something new. Additionally, the increased availability and the constant version upgrades of things make them less exciting.

On the other hand, scientists have shown that experiences bring much more lasting happiness, and create greater imprints in our memories.

They are unique and usually involve social interaction, so they also strengthen our bonds with other people.

If you look back, you will realize that the things that last and you remember as best memories since they actually make you happy were the times you took part in some enjoyable activity, and not the material things you have bought or received.

Therefore, let’s learn to share experiences, instead of things wrapped in a box with ribbon- let’s give memories as a gift!