Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Spend Their Lives With A Jerk

A loving, healthy relationship offers everything a person needs to be happy and fulfilled. Unfortunately, many people resort to much less, just out of the fear to be alone. Well, hear me out, being single is beautiful too!

Being alone does not mean that you should be lonely, but it is the perfect time for you to start a relationship with yourself first, know yourself, and start loving your own being.

Strong and confident women are well aware of the importance of self-love. These heroines are not afraid to take matters into their hands, as they know their worth, and know exactly what they want in life.

These remarkable creatures do not sit around expecting things to fall off the sky, and never allow to be defined by men. Real, courageous ladies are not afraid to be alone, and their past experiences have taught them to find happiness by creating it yourself.

They have wasted a lot of time and energy with toxic people, and they have finally understood the meaning of focusing on yourself.

Life is short, so strong women would rather be alone until they find the right person than wasting their time on things and people they will later regret.

Strong women seek happiness inside their hearts, not in some shallow relationship or the deceitful embrace of a player. These wonderful human beings don’t perceive relationships as safety nets, but they consider them a life challenge.

Very often, dating can be exhausting, especially when a woman keeps ending up disappointed. Therefore, there is no harm in sitting a few rounds out. Strong women are focused on their self-growth, they are not afraid to enjoy her freedom.

Strong ladies don’t need to date to be genuinely happy and at peace in life. This is a rare characteristic and it might have more to do with true freedom than any other single thing.

When dating becomes selective rather than commonplace, it becomes more valuable and meaningful, and time spent not dating becomes more valuable, and meaningful as well.

Strong women love the benefits of independence and dignity.

Yet, a strong woman is wise and finds the perfect balance, a relationship is not her main focus, but she is not completely closed off to the possibility of a relationship.

These women always date with the mindset that their time is valuable, so all those who are not in it for the right reasons step aside, and they are left with only real, viable romantic options.

Buddha once said, “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Therefore, be brave and stop settling with versions of love that are just distractions and temporary fixes, and dedicate yourself to your self.

We are all one of a kind, so we are all worthy of all the beautiful things in life that await us at the corner. Therefore, it is absolutely ok to wait for the right person. In fact, it is the only right thing to do!

Use the time to inspire and move on, do the things you love, and share them with people that elevate you. Over time, you will become stronger, and definitely recognize people who vibrate at the same frequency as you.

Taking the time to indulge in being single is simply an experience amongst all other experiences. Over time, you will realize it was shorter than you expected, and as you mature, love will be more present in your life.