Random Horse Wanders Into Guy’s House And Makes Herself At Home

You might be the most cordial man in the world, but you would surely think twice before welcoming a stranger in your house. But wait..what if the stranger is a horse?

Well, guests are always welcome, at least in the town of Dunedin, New Zealand.

One day, the friendly local horse Sharq decided to walk around the neighborhood, and eventually ended up in a stranger’s house.

However, not for long, as when the homeowner Doug Renoe found her, she was received as a friend.

Although uninvited, she had made herself at home, so Doug quickly shared the news on Facebook, to find her owner.

He shared a photo of his guest, with a caption:

“Is anyone in Highcliff area missing a horse? This one has come inside, eaten half my dinner and also my wife’s carrots from [the] garden. We will keep her for a pet if not claimed.”

Her owner Ben Telfer-Hynes saw the post and was relieved, but he was not surprised at all:

“She’s actually an inside horse, so it was no shock to me when I saw she was lurking inside this man’s home. “I’m so glad that she was able to find such a lovely place to reside for a short while.” 

Sharq was returned to her home without any incident, but she did it as a star, as her popularity grew after people found out about her adventure.