Playful Cat Strikes Up A Bond With Three Shiba Inu Dogs

An American Shorthair cat, Kiki, joined a family that owned three Shiba Inu dogs, and she easily became their best friend.

If you have been using the saying “fight like cat and dog” often, it might be time to reconsider it. Apparently, cats and dogs can become as thick and thieves, and this story just proves it!

An adorable American Shorthair cat managed to immediately become a member of a pack of three Shiba Inus! The owners of the foursome live in Chiba, eastern Japan, and they reveal that they have already had the dogs for four years when they got Kiki the cat.

The woman admitted:

“The reason why I wanted to expand our family with a cat rather than a dog was quite simple: I’ve had a cat in the past. But when I told my husband that I wanted a kitty, I learned he wasn’t very fond of cats. I kept at it, but he refused every time. After some time, however, I was able to find a cat we both liked.”

They were looking for a gray kitty with short fur and standing ears, and “ a breed that was really compatible with dogs.”

The man fell in love with Kiki the moment his wife found her!

Plus, Kiki appeared to have no trouble fitting in the group, and she soon started to act like their canines, Saki, Ibuki, and Hazuki!

Her mom added:

“I took Kiki and our dogs to a Shiba Inu party. Kiki was getting along with all the dogs just fine, but one of them suddenly started barking at him. Immediately, one of our Shibas, Saki, barked back, protecting Kiki. At that point, I understood they’ve become true companions.”

Now, Kiki and the Shibas are doing everything together. From napping to exploring the outdoors, they’re always by each other’s side.

The woman explained:

“I often hear that it’s the dogs who get used to their owner’s sleeping schedule, and cats are the jerks who get up early and wake you up at 4 AM or something like that, but Kiki also sleeps together with the rest of us until morning.”

The couple documents the adventures of their pets on their Instagram page, so make sure you have a look!

  • Kiki, an American Shorthair cat easily become a member of the gang of three Shiba Inus, Hazuki, Ibuki, and Saki

  • Their owners often share photos of Kiki hanging out with her canine friends on Instagram

  • Kiki is in front of Hazuki, Ibuki, and then Saki

  • This photo shows the animals’ ability to perform matching poses

  • Kiki keeps one eye closed while her puppy friends look on majestically

  • While posing for pictures, Kiki leads the group

  • The four are waiting for their dinner bowls

  • According to Kiki’s owner, she fitted in the moment they brought her home

  • The pets are enjoying their time outside in the garden

  • The four friends love playing together

  • Kiki managed to copy the dogs, while they are sitting with their paws folded underneath them

  • The adorable animals in matching outfits with their names emblazoned on the front

  • They love getting up close

  • Here is what a photo of four best friends looks like

  • Kiki stares in the camera while she offers up her back as a headrest for Hazuki and Saki

They are simply charming!