This Oncologist Makes Ground-Breaking Discovery: How to Cure Cancer With Baking Soda

An Italian oncologist, called Tulio Simoncini, has a theory that cancer is caused by a fungus known as  Candida albicans.

He states that:

“Cancer is a fungus, named Candida albicans, and it can be cured with sodium bicarbonate”.

His treatment is extremely simple, as he says that this disease should be treated by alkalizing the tumor and the organism. This can be achieved by using only one cheap and affordable ingredient, baking soda. It effectively reduces the tumor and prevents metastases.

His theory lies on 4 simple elements:

1.Acidic bodies, since they are related to various health issues, including cancer.

2. The first defense line is beneficial bacteria, as, during the night, they digest yeast, fungus, and microbes which have entered the body during the day. The ideal food for beneficial bacteria is actually Candida albicans.

3. The habitat of beneficial bacteria is actually the intestines.

These bacteria stimulate 85% of the immunoreactions to release anti-cancer vitamins like vitamin K, folic acid, biotin, B-12, from foods and form a compound called sodium butyrate which forces cancer cells to destroy themselves.

In the case of increased acidity, this function of the beneficial bacteria is impeded.

4. Baking soda is excellent in alkalizing the body, as it acts as an antacid, which helps ingestion and is included in multiple preparations. Baking soda is inexpensive and can be found in grocery stores for around $2 per pound.

Furthermore, Candida is anaerobe, so it needs oxygen for energy. When in the bloodstream, it colonizes certain body area and greatly reduces the levels of oxygen there.

Thus, the local cells are not destroyed, but change the generation of energy to a system which does not use oxygen.

Next, as cancer cells do not need oxygen for energy production from the food molecules, this system suits them. Back in 1931, Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for discovering this feature of cancer cells, and the fact that their biggest enemy is oxygen!

Candida Albicans successfully escapes the intestines, and through the bloodstream, may travel all around the body. Cinnamon and oregano oil have been proven to be able to remove it from the bloodstream.

The use of cinnamon has helped in 25% of the cases of people with type-2 Diabetics.

The explanation is that fungus remains on the outside linings of cells, disabling the vital receptor sites, and the insulin receptor sites are affected in the case of diabetes.

Additionally, Candida releases a waste product similar to sugar, so in the case of high blood sugar levels, patients are more susceptible to cancer and have diminished chances to treat it.

Cancer Watch released a research which showed that the risk of breast cancer is increased by 100% in women who have used antibiotics more than 25 times in their life.

The illness treated with antibiotics weakens their immune system, and the levels of beneficial bacteria are reduced as well. In this case, the environment in the gut is perfect for Candida, and it has better chances to enter the bloodstream.

This famous Italian oncologist also claims that Candida, which is the cause of cancer, is disabled in an alkaline state of the body. The first thing everyone should do is to purchase baking soda and use it to treat this disease.

Unfortunately, even though his efforts were acknowledged and appreciated all around the world, he was struck off in his country.

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