Husband Plants Thousands Of Flowers For His Blind Wife To Smell.

Love makes the world go round. Having the right person next to you, in good and bad in life, is a true blessing. Nowadays, not many have been raised with awareness about what it truly means to love a woman, and not many women are aware of their worth.

When truly in love, one would do anything to make his loved one happy.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki have been married since 1956 and lived happily on their dairy farm in Shintomi, Miyazaki, Japan, together with their two children. After three decades of hard work, they wanted to travel the country and the world.

Yet, as things never go according to a plan, Mrs.Kuroki lost her sight as a diabetes complication, at the age of 52. This was a huge shock for her, so, depressed, she cut all connection to the inside world, and spent her entire time indoors, in great suffering.

Her husband was heartbroken too, so as she shut herself away from the world, he decided to bring the world to her.

He had a small garden of pink shibazakura flowers (also known as moss phlox) that people always admired, and his wife loved them.

Therefore, he decided to plant more of them, all over the field of the dairy farm, hoping that the fragrance would bring joy to her wife, and people would like to visit, so she would enjoy their company.

He made her way from the confines of the house and back out into the world again. To create more space for the flowers, he chopped down trees and cleared the land.

After two years of planting, there were thousands of beautiful, small flowers all over the place, and the farm became a major tourist attraction in Miyazaki.

Now, there is a little museum that tells the love story of this sweet couple in the place of the old shed where they once kept sixty cows. Every spring, when the flowers bloom, over 7,000 visitors come to admire the garden and the true love of these people.

The magnificent garden is a display of it, and Mrs. Kuroki loves walking around it and meeting new people. She can often be seen there, smiling, and socializing. Her husband has truly brought the world to her.