How To Survive Staying At Home With Your Kids Without Losing Your Mind

Most of us have never been in a similar situation before, so the social-distancing and isolation period is not an easy obstacle to overcome. Especially if you are a parent, staying at home is confusing, worrying, and challenging, to say the least.

Yet, while we would give the world to have more time with our kids, when staying at home is not by choice, it becomes a burden.

The worry-free afternoon with the kids becomes a struggle to keep them busy until you worry about finances, whether you will be able to complete all tasks on time, whether you will find all things at the market, and when you will see your family and friends next.

Let’s all admit it, it’s not easy, so here are some tips to help you survive it all better:

To boost your mental health, you should do things that make you happy. Bake with the kids, watch a nice movie with your spouse, call your best friend, and encourage your kids to connect online with theirs.

In such stressful times, it would be useful to set a daily family routine. For instance, your days might start with a big breakfast in the kitchen, then follows work and studying time, then you can take a break for lunch and a stroll, and enjoy the evening together playing a board game.

You are not obliged to stay at home 24/7, so make sure you go out in nature once daily. Enjoy a walk, hike, or bike rides with the kids, to boost your mood, and prevent the feeling that the walls are closing in. All you have to do is to follow the social-distancing guidelines while outside.

To keep your children occupied during the day, make sure you prepare items and activities in advance, like the evening before. You can also plan the week ahead on the weekend. Keeping things organized will be beneficial for all of you.

Yet, while they will be fully interested in a game or an activity one day, there will also be days when they won’t like to paint and will throw away the puzzles. On those days, make sure you are around them all the time.

Don’t worry that much about the effects of this period on the education of your children. Teachers will know how to compensate for the lost time. Also, just because they do not go to school doesn’t mean that they won’t learn.

Learning is often outside the classroom, in fact. These everyday experiences are valuable life lessons. The time spent at home will also provide an opportunity for you to read together, watch a documentary, or talk on interesting things.

Discipline is essential while upbringing your children, I agree, but this might be a single chance to ease up on the rules. These are times of flexibility and being realistic about things.

Allow them to have more screen time now, to watch funny YouTube videos, and play games on the PC, as they are at home all the time. Children are highly adaptable, so just explain that the new, relaxed rules only apply during the quarantine period.

No one is perfect, and don’t stress over being perfect yourself. You already are a Super Mom or Dad. Give yourself a break. These days, you will neither accomplish as much as you like, nor be in the best condition ever, so take some time off. Remember, we are all in this, and we will get through it. Until we go back to normal, just keep doing what you are doing, and it is good enough!

The COVID-19 pandemic has shocked and terrified everyone on the planet, but try to find the positives in this chaos. Strangely, the coronavirus has forced us to be at home, and spend our entire time with the ones we love the most- our family.

It also teaches us a lesson on basic health and hygiene. When we eventually go outside freely as previously, the Earth will be a better place, the air will be much cleaner, as pollution has lessened.

Until then, do your best to remain in good spirits.