Goodbye Nursing Homes! The New Trend Is CoHousing With Friends

In the past, when retired seniors could no longer live alone, and had no family nearby, their only option left was to go in a nursing home.

However, nursing homes are often experienced as lonely, depressing, and unwelcoming places, which increased the need for something new: senior cohousing!

This amazing alternative for senior care ensures that every member of the community has privacy and a space of their own. All members gave their own house or apartment, but also have shared spaces, such as a dining area, library, cinema center, fitness center, garden, and more.

This opportunity improves the quality of life of seniors, prevents negative emotions and isolation, and provides numerous benefits for them.

When seniors choose to live in a cohousing community, they are surrounded by their friends, and research has shown that staying social with friends and family helps to keep you living longer.

According to the Canadian Cohousing Network, seniors who cohouse live at least ten years longer than they might otherwise live in traditional senior housing.

Moreover, living in this way is much more affordable than living alone, as sharing resources saves a lot of money. When a group pays for community meals, it costs less than paying for groceries for one.

Also, it is much easier and cheaper to maintain a yard, garden, pool, library, or fitness center when residents share the costs.

Nevertheless, both, nursing homes and senior cohousing, have their pros and cons, so we decided to compare them regarding the needs and requirements of seniors, to help you understand these alternatives better:

  • Both alternatives are much safer than an elder person living alone, but the staff in nursing homes can be more attentive and experienced than another senior in a cohousing community
  • Both options provide community and events for residents to enjoy, but in senior cohousing, seniors are easily able to have their own personal friends nearby
  • Both offer a private residence, but residents have a bit more privacy in senior cohousing, as they have their own apartments or houses
  • As nursing homes are full-time facilities with well-trained staff and plenty of care, it all comes with a higher price, while in senior cohousing, residents share resources.

Senior cohousing is an excellent option for many, especially for people who find nursing homes depressing and lonely, and do not need constant care, as it allows residents to keep the control over their everyday lives and schedules.

Therefore, families no longer have to worry about nursing homes, as these spaces where seniors can connect and live a full life in a less risky and cost-efficient way is a great option for their loved ones!