Fat Flush Water Recipe

Refreshing fat flush water is actually just plain water enriched with herbs that effectively remove fat from the body.Besides melting pounds, this drink also positively affects digestion and reduces bloating.


  • 8 cups water
  • 1 teaspoon grated ginger root
  • 1 fresh cucumber , peeled and cut into thin slices
  • 1 lemon, also cut into slices
  • 12 mint leaves


Steps of preparation:

  1. Put all ingredients in water and leave the mixture stay overnight to release some aroma.
  2. Drink this water during the next day.

Nutritionist Cynthia claims that regular consumption of this refreshing beverage along with moderate physical activity will give you nice flat stomach in a short period of time.

I will surely try this drink, every ingredients in this drink are very good for your health,Thank you for posting..

Hi there great info on detox.

In fact I have read about this in other websites.

I have some questions, can I eat the cucumber or lemon or mint once the water has finished?

Can i reduce the amount of each ingredient to half?

Is it ok to keep them in plastic bottle?

I have extremely bad digestion problems & have for about 5yrs now I’m am now 11wks & 3dys pregnant is it safe for me to drink cuz I’d like to try to see if it’ll help. Very uncomfortable & I have a long way to go!

Do you have any alternate ingredient for Mint leaves? i just can’t find any in our town.

When drinking the water, should I let the ingredients stay in the glass or remove them before drinking? Can I stop drinking this after reaching the desired weight?

Hey Bobby,
It is better to let the ingredients stay in the glass, and yes you can stop drinking this after you reach the desired weight.

Dear Bongi,
please consult with your doctor first. We cannot tell you does this drink is safe to drink while pregnancy.

Hi. I have everything else but lemon. I have lime here, could I use Lime instead of lemon in this recipe?

Hello, I just went to the store a purchased all the ingredients except the mint because there was none. Will this be as effective without it or is there a substitute?

Dear Rose,

Ginger plays an important role in this drink so there isn’t any replacement for it.


So all day you get to eat and drink is this water only? How long can you stay on this?
Can you have some food?

Thank you

Hello Mary,

Yes you can absolutely have some food during the day. You can eat regularly like before, but instead of soft drinks or juices drink this sassy water and be more physically active.

So is this just a drink to be consumed throughout the day with your normal meals or are you saying this is all you have? I don’t think I could live off water on its own!

Dear Jac,

Don’t starve, that is not good for you and your health, eat regularly like every day, but instead of soft drinks or juices drink this sassy water and be more physically active.

You state as the ADMIN, to fast and ONLY drink this water. However many replies below from Borce, say to eat normally and drink the water. Can you please clear this up for everyone? Thank You

Dear Maria,
you can eat cucumber and any other food product, but all those ingredients will not have the same nutritional value as before.

If you want to avoid bitterness next time when you prepare it this fat flush water make sure to add one peeled tangerine.

For how long do you have to drink Sassy Water?
Can you use the ingredients for more than one batch?

You have to drink until you achieve the desired result. The ingredient that are written in the article are just for one batch.

For how long do you need to drink Sassy Water ?
Can you use the ingredients for more than once or have to use fresh each time you make it?

Think you are supposed to drink the entire 8 cups the following day, after making it. So you would have to make a new batch daily. Thats the way the instructions sound to me.

How’d this work out for you? I have just made some and I am very curious to find out how well it works…

Dear Millie,

This drink effectively remove fat from the body and also positively affects digestion and reduces bloating.