‘Eye Of The Storm’ Captured In Incredible Photos Of Full Moon After Storm Ciara

Photography plays a very important role in our lives, as it captures a moment in time and makes it a lasting memory. Photographs connect us to our past and remind us of important people, places, feelings, and stories.

A collection of photos has gone viral after it revealed a unique moment in Nature during the potent Atlantic storm, Storm Ciara, which is considered to be ‘Britain Storm of the Century’ by some.

The storm particularly affected the UK and Ireland, and then went on to thrash the north coast of mainland Europe.

It ravaged from the 7th to the 16th of February, causing the death of at least ten people, as well as power disruption, destruction of trees and thousands of homes, roads, and rail lines, and even cancelation of scheduled flights.

As Storm Sabine, as it is known in some parts of Europe, kept wreaking chaos in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany, a woman managed to capture the “perfect eye of the storm”.

Just moments after it passed past her house, Sarah Hodges, from Bolton, snapped a cloud formation huddled around a full moon, that resembled a huge eye that observes the Earth.

Sarah took the snaps on the 11th of February from her window, but she didn’t imagine that she would capture an incredibly valuable one that will fascinate the rest of the world.

In the evening, she noticed the moon shining bright, so she took several snaps with her Samsung S9 phone, and planned to share them with her friends.

The 48-year-old baker explained:

“I took the pictures last Tuesday 11 Feb 2020, between 9:34 pm and 9:39 pm, just from my bedroom window at my home address. The moon was shining through the kitchen window, so I went upstairs and just kept taking pictures. I am obsessed with the moon, sunset, sunrise, and the sea. I just used my Samsung S9.

I know I got lucky; people spend thousands on cameras to get the perfect shot. I feel overwhelmed and proud, as it’s a once in a lifetime shot… which I do understand.

 It was only when scrolling back through the images that I noticed the moon centered around the clouds because in real-time, the clouds were constantly moving. I took the pictures manually without any shutter settings, so I was incredibly lucky to get the shot.”

The post fascinated netizens in an instant, garnering thousands of likes and shares! Hodges was happy to see so many people marveling at her photo, and added that she has had comments from all over the world.

One user commented: “Nature’s third eye.”

Many religious people saw the photo as a sign that God looks down on us and reminds us that he will never destroy the Earth with a flood again. Others believe it was just a photo taken in the perfect moment.

One thing is for sure- the photo is truly amazing!