Drink 1 Can of Coke and This Happens to Your Body in 1 Hour!

Coca-Cola is undoubtedly the most popular drink worldwide and over 1.9 billion bottles of Coca-Cola are consumed in a single day.

However, we are constantly warned about its detrimental effect on our health.

Namely, the first reason for this is the fact that it is extremely rich in high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is the highest source of calories in the American diet.

Yet, we are addicted to its taste. The company attempted to substitute HFCS with the healthier variant, cane sugar in 1985, but customers begged them to return the original flavor.

The way HFCS interacts with the brain is similar to the one of heroin and cocaine. One study found that lab rats were prepared to be exposed to all kinds of pain while walking across an electrified plate, just to reach high fructose corn syrup. Behavioral therapists claim that our addiction is similar to the one showed by mice.

Moreover, Coca-Cola leads to havoc in the body as soon as it is ingested. These are is effect after consumption:

The First 10 Minutes

One Coca-Cola includes 100% of your daily recommended intake of sugar. The consumption of this high amount of sugar, especially of artificial type, leads to disastrous effects on the overall health, including insulin resistance, raised risk for cavities, leptin resistance (which causes obesity), high blood pressure,  diabetes, and heart disease.

Therefore, the instant effect of this high amount of sugar starts to give effects 10 minutes after you drink it.

After 20 Minutes

The high amount of fructose hits the liver, and the largest portion of it will be stored as fat. This plays a major role in the development of various types of cancer and greatly contributes to obesity.

After 40 Minutes

By this point, the body has absorbed the caffeine, actually, 32mg of it, while Diet Coke contains 42mg. This is about half of the recommended intake of caffeine for adults.

After 45 Minutes

The brain starts to show a reaction to the drink which is similar to heroin, and the production of dopamine is increased, leading to a feeling of satisfaction, and stimulates you as it activates the u-opioid receptors.

After 60 minutes and more

After an hour of the consumption of the Coca-Cola, it affects the calcium level in the body and causes its elimination through the urine, which has a harmful effect on the bones.

Coca-cola also removes other nutrients as well, such as zinc, magnesium, sodium, and electrolytes, and their excretion is increased 2 hours after consumption. When the sugar will crash, you will want another Coke, and you will start feeling irritable and sluggish.

Hence, after reading this, is Coca-Cola still your number 1 choice?

As a matter of fact, Coca-Cola can be quite useful, but not when consumed. Instead, it can be used externally in various ways, and can provide great effects!

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