Dragonflies Eliminate Mosquitoes – This Is How To Attract Them To Your Yard

Most of us look forward to the long and warm summer evenings spent on the porch. Just think about it.. drinking a cool cocktail, or maybe taking a nap on the porch swing, making barbecue, reading, or just listening to nature’s sounds…

Yet, nothing is perfect, my friend.. and mosquitoes are there to prove it! I don’t know about you, but they are my party-poopers all summer long!

If you are just like me, you’ll adore me after reading this! Namely, all you have to do this summer is to attract their predators in your yard!

Dragonflies are not pests to people, but they will help you in the fight against mosquitoes as they eat around 100 mosquitoes daily. They also like to prey on pollinators like butterflies, beetles, wasps, moths, and other tiny insects.

First, plant blooming plants, shrubs, and trees, so that young dragonflies will have somewhere to hide.

Dragonflies love water, especially areas with varying degrees of depth from very shallow to around 2 feet, where they can lay their eggs and get nutrients.

Therefore, install a pond or water feature in your yard. The pond doesn’t need to be large or to have a filter, but it should be located in a wind-protected area, that will get five or six hours of midday sun.

Put plants that attract dragonflies in and around the pond, such as Black Eye Susan, Dwarf Saggitaria, Meadow Sage, Arrowhead, cattail, water lily, and Yarrow White Wildflower.

In this way, you will finally enjoy the summer without the itchy mosquito bites!