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The Anticancer Potential Of Green Tea Extract


Researchers from Louisiana State University have shown that polyphenols from green tea may have a role in reducing levels of substances in the body associated with the progression of prostate cancer, according to findings from a small study which involved …

Nettle – The Miraculous Remedy


Sometimes when we have some health problem we forget that nature has given us everything needed for health, and we are reaching straight to our drug locker or visiting doctor. We should use nature and her healing benefits.
As example nettle …

Iced Green Tea Recipe


Green tea originates from China. Green tea increases the power of our mind – improve our memory, and generally increases our intelligence capability.
Green tea reduces sleepiness and fatigue, especially if fatigue is caused as a result of intense physical effort.
Green …

Olive Oil – Health Benefits


Olive oil, the most beneficial oil, a real source of health, real medicine that offers many benefits to the organism. Olive oil is the best choice for your salads and your meals.
Olive oil is rich in carotenoids and has a …