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Papaya For Rejuvenation


Christopher Columbus called papaya “fruit of the angels”. This delicious, sweet fruit with spherical or pear shaped form hides interesting secrets.
Papaya is a rich source of vitamin C and beta carotene, two powerful natural antioxidants. These two substances besides “fighting” …

The Best Heart Healthy Drinks


Most of the heart diseases are genetically conditioned, so caring for your heart through a healthy diet and regular physical activity can keep your heart healthy and protect from diseases. Here are a few drinks that can have a surprisingly …

Olive Oil – Health Benefits


Olive oil, the most beneficial oil, a real source of health, real medicine that offers many benefits to the organism. Olive oil is the best choice for your salads and your meals.
Olive oil is rich in carotenoids and has a …

Eye Benefits of Omega-3-Fatty Acids


Several studies made in the USA have shown that omega-3 fatty acids prevent the progressive visual impairment, especially among the elderly.
The research was conducted so that were included 300 examinees who were treated with omega-3 over three years. These examiners …

Genetically Modified Food


Great eggs, untanning apples, salmon that grows quickly, pigs that are less harmful to the environment …
Twenty years ago certainly none of us thought that will be consuming food that grow in technical laboratories, not in nature.
According to some analyzes, …

Grapefruit Health Benefits and Nutritional Facts


Grapefruit is fruit of a subtropical citrus tree that belongs to the family rutaceae. The scientific name is citrus paradisi.
This green plant that is grown because of its fruit, was first discovered on the Caribbean island of Barbados but today …

10 Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water


Lemon water can be really helpful for you, meaning it can detoxify your body in a completely natural way.
One of the most important benefit lemons provide is their strong antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting power. Lemons are amazingly efficient in the weight loss …

Ginger Health Benefits & Uses


Ginger takes a special place in many kitchens because of its specific aroma and spicy hot taste that stands out from other spices, but also for its healing properties. Thousands of years ginger was used as a spice and medicine, …

Garlic Uses And Health Benefits


Garlic is considered to be helpful in preventing heart diseases (including: atherosclerosis, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure) and cancer. Supplementation with garlic extract inhibited vascular calcification in human patients with high blood cholesterol.
Aged garlic can have a powerful antioxidant effect. Antioxidants …