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Health Problems due To Insufficient Water Intake


Every time you feel you are thirsty, have a glass of water, instead of drinking a glass of carbonated drink or a cup of coffee.
Even though your body is 75% water, when you are dehydrated, blood becomes thicker, and blood …

The Best Tea For Every Blood Type


We have listed some of the best tea combinations for every blood type.
Tea is considered as one of the healthiest beverages, and its influence also depends on your blood type. Taking in consideration its beneficial effects, we recommend you try …

An Apple A Day Could Prevent A Heart Attack


Apples can stop you from getting a heart attack and it is thought that this fruit is a lot more beneficial than statins (drugs that reduce cholesterol level). Scientists from the Oxford University say that people older than 50 who consume …

The Superior Health Benefits Of Onions


Without onion, your kitchen is just not the same. This plant with red, white or purple peel originated in Central Asia.
Records show that this plant first showed 6 000 years ago in Mesopotamia and Egypt. It is easily adaptable to …

Top 10 Main Causes Of Cancer


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Cancer is one of the most serious diseases diagnosed in people throughout the whole …