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Facts You Need To Know About Coffee


Lovers of the coffee know well that caffeine is a stimulant. Drinking too much coffee can cause health problems, but many studies proved that moderate consumption of coffee can have a good impact on your health. Here are some interesting …

Food Trend: Which Is The Best Fruit For 2013?


Have you ever heard about the pitaya fruit? (The same fruit is known in America under the names of “Pitahaya” or “Pitaya)
This unusual fruit that is also called “dragon fruit” has been declared as a super food for the current year.

Pitaya …

How To Eat Healthy


Burgers, different flavored chips, cakes …It all sounds so delicious,until you mention the term “health food” and you immediately lose appetite. You think all those healthy foods are tasteless … So switching to healthy food looks like mission impossible, something …

8 Foods You Should Never Eat Again


Junk food is unhealthy and has no nutritional value. It is oily, too salty, it doesn’t contain proteins, vitamins and fiber. It is packed with preservatives. Junk food can cause excessive weight gain, heart disease, diabetes and dental problems. But most of …

Christmas Food Decorations


This year, make your festive table to shine in the Christmas spirit! Food just tastes better when it looks all cute and Christmas-like. And the kids will be way more likely to eat something shaped
Surprise your dearest with wonderful served food in festive …